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Image Credit: | How to Write Email Marketing Copy that Converts | Getting your email marketing campaign right for more conversions is both science and art. Understanding how to create a copy that converts should be one of your major concerns as it is an integral part of your email that encourages your customers to take an action you want them to take. Most of the marketers and business owners are unable to create great email copies as it is an enigmatic art, and one may need creative content writing and marketing skills to write a compelling one. Though writing emails that convert is not a big deal and secret known only to the marketing expert but it is all about simplicity, understanding the needs of customers and most importantly presenting your product or service in front of potential customers so they can buy without feeling hesitation. Explaining the main features and benefits of your product in a clear and concise manner in your email you make it more tempting to the target audience to increase conversion rate.

After finishing the reading of this article, you will know proven secrets on how to write email marketing copy that converts and how to send a cold email effectively, so that you can generate more leads and sales ultimately.

Write an Enticing Subject Line

When it comes to get your email marketing right, the email subject line is the best place to start for better and desired outcomes. Perfecting your email subject line can make a huge difference between opening or ignoring your email or even sometimes reporting your email as spam. People are more likely to open your email when they feel it would be useful for them. They check the subject line to decide whether to open the email or not. So, create more than one subject line for your email and then choose a better one to increase the chances of getting your emails opened and responded.

Nail the Preview Text

In this digital world with a modern email audience, the subject line is not the only thing that encourages people to open your emails but email preview text can also do wonders. It is something most important that tells readers more about your email content even before opening it. In some cases, the email preview test shows a tiny part of the first line of email copy. That is the reason, email copywriters make it as enticing as possible to provide email recipients with an appealing preview to grab their attention quickly and to encourage them to open the email for more details. If the email preview shows unprofessional and useless content, then you are wasting a golden opportunity to convert more. It is a vital aspect of your email that you shouldn’t neglect at any cost and use 35 to 140 characters to make your email preview stand out.

Know Your Audience

Getting to know your audience before writing an email copy is also important because it helps you make sure whether your copy meets the need of your audience or not. Use information and data about your audience obtained from web, social media profiles and analytics to build an appropriate buyer persona to create an email copy accordingly. When you know your target audience, it is always easier for you to make email useful and convincing to make them take the required action.

Write Email for Readers

If you want your audience to open, read and respond to your email, you have to write emails for readers as a real person not as an automated marketing solution. Avoid complex marketing jargon and be conversational as you are talking to an individual setting very next to your desk. Don’t make your readers bore with useless and irrelevant content and keep your email concise and interesting instead. 

Maintain Relevancy

When writing an email to make your potential or existing customers feel valued and convert, you should be relevant to the needs of customers and industry as well. Never add a single irrelevant word in your email copy as it can show your unprofessionalism to the readers. Providing your audience with relevant and informative emails incredibly improves email open and clickthrough rate to convert more. 

Know Your Goal

Always set a single goal for each of your emails and stay focused. It will help you create email copy in the best possible way to reach your goal without making your audience bore. Focus on the key goals when planning your entire email marketing strategy and build your email marketing copy around that to increase the chances of conversion.

Steal Ideas from Competitors

This type of stealing is legal in the marketing landscape and you can get inspiration by signing up for the email list of your competitors. Go through the emails sent by competitors to see what they are doing and how you can bring improvement in your email copy to make your readers feel valued. 

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