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It is incredible how some people spent most of their learning life, trying to avoid the act of writing an essay. We understand that writing essays can be stressing and overwhelming, especially in the case where you have plenty of other things to do. However, as long as you are in college, then it will come a time when you will be required to write an essay. Therefore, you better start practicing. Have you been writing essays and scoring a poor grade? Well, worry not because we have combined for you some of the tips that you can apply in order to write a perfect essay. 

  • Analyze the essay prompt

In certain cases, you will not always be required to write an essay whose prompt you can easily understand. Therefore, regardless of whether you understand the prompt or not, it is important to analyses it and come up with the best thesis statement possible. You cannot begin to write an essay that you do not understand because you will end up composing content that is out of the topic. This will result in a poor grade on the essay. provides more information regarding the aspect of writing a good essay. In the case where an individual cannot fully comprehend the essay, it is necessary to enquire from a friend in order to make the research process an easy one. Among the questions that you need to ask yourself are the direct and indirect meaning of the essay. This will be a starting point on how to write a good essay. Once you have answered the above questions, you can now begin the process of writing your essay. You will realize that it was not a difficult task to do as compared to a situation where you could have started to write the essay without analyzing the prompt.

  • Create a thesis statement

A thesis statement is usually written at the end of the introductory paragraph. It is a statement that presents all the claims that will be presented on the topic. Coming up with the right thesis statement is done once you have understood the prompt of the essay. All that you need to do in order to identify what you need to argue about in the whole essay. This will help you on how to write the best essay since you can easily come up with ideas to fill each of the body paragraphs. In addition, the points written in the thesis statement are similar to what you will have on each of the body paragraphs. The contents of the thesis statement are best presented as the topic sentence of each paragraph. In addition, it is necessary to continually refer to the thesis statement to ensure that you are on the track of writing a good essay. You need to ensure that you have included each of the points.

  • Make an outline

Regarding how to write a perfect essay, you have to identify the best steps that will guide you with the writing process. The most advisable way is making an outline. This is a breakdown of each of the points that will be included in the various paragraphs. The outline will prevent you from mixing up points that should have been explained differently. Essay writing services provide essays for sale on how to write the best quality essays. An outline is a tool used in planning an essay. Based on the thesis that you made earlier, you can plan how you want your essay to flow by creating an outline. As a result, the outline will make it easy for you to write the final draft of your essay. The clearer and more precise your outline is, the higher the chances of writing a good score essay. 

  • Use credible sources

The research process is not all about collecting any information that is related to the prompt. However, you need to ensure that the sources selected for the research present you with recent and relevant information. It is necessary to use sources that are not more than five years old. Such sources contain revised and current information regarding the different aspects of life. Regarding how to write a good essay, you need to differentiate between primary and secondary sources. Some essays will have specific instructions as to whether you should use primary or secondary sources. As well, you might be asked to use peer-reviewed journals. Therefore, you need to find ways of identifying the specific type of sources that you should use for the essay. As a result, you will end up writing a good quality essay. Quotes provide a writer with credible and reliable information for supporting the various arguments. To prove the use of the sources, you need to cite them using the correct citation method as per the given instructions. Note that some sources are unacceptable when it comes to academic research. Among them are magazines, encyclopedia entries, and unverified online sources. Google Scholar is one of the best platforms where you can find reliable sources for academic use.

  • Write academically

Experts from point out that when writing an essay, you need to do it academically. This means that you cannot use any slang language or spoken language. The essay has to meet academic standards for it to be granted a good score. Ensure that each of the body paragraphs is formally written to meet the specifications of the essay. In addition, the steps to writing an essay require you to follow the necessary format. To begin with, the first paragraph is the introduction, which provides a brief description of the topic and ends with the thesis statement. This is followed by the body paragraphs, which are a description of the various elements included in the thesis statement. Ensure to conclude your essay with a conclusion paragraph. Following such a format will make your essay look more academic than casual. Finally, do not forget to proofread your essay in order to eliminate any spelling and grammar mistakes. This will also enable you to make any necessary changes to the content. 

Concisely, the steps to write an essay requires a lot of dedication from the writer. Failure to follow such steps could result in you writing a poor-quality essay. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have understood the prompt since the rest of the steps are not challenging to follow. Writing essays can be a challenging process for writers of all levels. However, the above tips will make it easy for you to come up with a high-quality essay.

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