How to Waterproof Your Balcony


Zac Ferry, Negosentro | When in the past balconies were made of wood, they had a hard time with balcony waterproofing. There were quite high rates of failure like leaks and visible damages to the structures below. There was also concealed structural damage from continuous water migration. But now people design the waterproofing balcony in their home because through this way, they can protect their property from climatic disasters. Apart from that, waterproofing balcony is also considered as a term and condition enlist by all leading insurance company and if you do not design this balcony in your home then you cannot able to claim any property damage insurance in future.

Reasons for Installing Balcony Waterproofing:

  • If a tiled balcony is not waterproofed completely, it can lead to a multitude of problems later. And this is more when there are rooms situated below the balcony. A water runoff can have extreme damage on the interiors and it results in peeling paint, and other structural problems that are very difficult and expensive to fix.
  • When you find that your balcony is leaking, then you need to consider two major things. It could be due to complete absence of waterproofing or a leak or waterproofing failure, which is the more plausible. Before you start thinking about the second and more expensive option, you can try to stop the damage with applying products on the damaged surface.  When you see obvious damage to the substrate, for example erosion and cracks, applying any product on those surfaces to get rid of leaks will cause failure. So you can easily seal the concrete balcony with some building membranes and you can prevent the water leakage. But still after concreting the balcony, you need to install some waterproofing membrane on the same.  
  • The other option involves removing the tiles so that waterproofing can be applied or again reapplied. The specialization of doing so is in the hands of a professional and you should employ one to do this job for you.  Before you fix a contractor for balcony waterproofing, you would do well if you took quotations from at least a couple of other contractors and compare the rates and services offered. Apart from that, you must check their certification, license and experience level before hiring.

How Would You Do the Balcony Waterproofing?

All kinds of jobs involving waterproofing will have to look out for water drainage spots, and this includes wall and floor joints. Look out for insufficient drainage, missing grout or cracks, damage to the substrate caused, failed and missing waterproofing membrane as well as signs of efflorescence.

  • There are a lot of very good waterproofing membranes that are available in the market, and you should check the internet for the properties of each, as some may offer additional advantages. The waterproofing membrane can easily be installed all around the perimeter of the tiled area.  You should always follow the given instructions to apply the membrane in the right manner. In this case, you can rely on the trained professional to do this task because they will inspect your balcony and then seal the leakage areas with these membranes.
  • There is also water repellant that is a penetrating one.  It is applied like a sealer over the grout and the penetrating sealer blocks the penetration of water. When you are replacing missing or cracked grout, the penetrating water repellant product does a good job of keeping the water at bay.

There should always be a regular maintenance program for checking the balcony area for leaks and balcony waterproofing and if you find ant minor damage in your balcony then you can easily repair the same at less cost.