How to Use Uber Promo Codes with Their App

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Wondering how you can leverage the power of Uber promo codes? Want to acquire and utilize them now, then relax. This credit goldmine has got you covered. Here, you’ll have a chance to enjoy some of the biggest discounts.

Whether your friend has sent you an Uber promo code or you’ve got through advertisement, you probably have received a notification informing you of the free credit. Uber usually sends a text message notifying you of any discounts on your next ride. Plus, they provide clear guidelines on how to claim it.

So, how do you go about it? There are two different ways:

  1. Use the Promo Codes on your Uber app

Visit the app and open the main menu. Click on ‘Payment’ then proceed to ‘Add Promo or Gift code’. Enter a Uber code in the app and click ‘apply’. It’s that simple! Go ahead and enjoy your discounted ride.

  1. Log to their Website

Login to and click the ‘Rider Sign In’ menu. Enter your email address or mobile phone number. Enter your promo code and click ‘Apply’. Have a fun experience on your free or discounted ride.

  1. Be a New User

Joining the site is the simplest way to get free discounts. Uber welcomes you with a one-time-use-coupon. Whenever you start using Uber services, you automatically receive a 15 percent discount on the first ride. Isn’t that awesome?

  1. Share Uber

Use your app when sharing your promo code.  The best place to start with is social media. Share it there using text. That way, somebody might get the referral link and sign up with it—which will automatically earn you a free ride. Also, refer family members and friends to Uber. Even more, bloggers can write about it and post it on their blogs.

  1. Promotional Events

At times, Uber offers explicit promotional codes, especially during special events. Thus, be sure to be on the lookout. Remember, these codes are time specific—most of them expiring after a few hours.

  1. Leverage on Rider Referral Program

Rider special program is for those Uber drivers who want to make extra money. Use this program to send an invite code to new users. You may get up to $5 per new rider who uses your code to sign up. Even more, your new rider gets a discount of $20!

  1. Other Ridesharing Apps

Besides Uber, you can also sign up with Lyft for other promotional codes.

The Bottom-Line

With the rise in popularity of promo codes, customers have an opportunity to get the most out of companies like Uber. With their promo codes, new users can enjoy a first free ride. Plus, other users and riders alike can get some credit through their referral links. The above are some of the most common ways if using Uber promo codes to get a free ride or some bucks. Leverage on them and take your Uber experience to the next level.

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