How to Use Twitter for Building Your Business and Blog Traffic

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NEGOSENTRO.COM | How to Use Twitter for Building Your Business and Blog Traffic | Often Twitter is considered as an underdog when it comes to social media marketing; however, it is one of the most powerful tools that can be and is being used to build brands and increase blog traffic. In fact, Twitter is capable of driving targeted traffic with a high probability of interest in your business. Also, there are tools out there where you can get Twitter historical data. Cool stuff, huh?

It is also noticed that many business do have Twitter accounts, but they struggle with handling it efficiently. Less traffic, low follower count, untargeted followers, and a not-so-strong Twitter Marketing Strategy are some of the issues that suck up a lot of time and energy. Shane Barker recommends using Twesocial to grow your Twitter account.

Some businesses even try to adopt a strategy followed by other brands, but the results are hardly positive.

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So what is the best way to make use of Twitter to build a brand and get blog views?

As we know, there’s no shortcut to success, and unfortunately the same applies for Twitter Marketing as well. For every brand, a tailored Twitter Marketing Strategy is required; however, the good news is that the basics remain the same.

Here in this article, we take a look at the ways to grow business, engage customers, and increase blog views using Twitter.

Build an Impressive Twitter Profile

Begin by optimizing your brand’s Twitter profile. A well optimized Twitter profile leaves a positive impression on visitors, which increases the chances of them following you.

Use an easily identifiable profile picture and put up an attractive cover picture with some information about your business. Keep the Bio short and straightforward.

Do not forget to add a link to your website and if you run a local business, adding your location to the profile is a must.

Use Subtle Content and Right Hashtags

While tweeting, there are couple of things you need to make sure of. Try to keep most of your tweets focused around your brand’s niche. Do not go overboard with tweeting unrelated topics; a couple of them once in a while are ok though.

Keep the tweet content short, crisp, and informative enough. Although the maximum characters allowed are 140, try to keep the count below 110, as they get more views than longer tweets.

While inserting URL in tweets, always use shortened URL to accommodate more content.

Keep the hashtag count to a maximum of 2. More hashtags mean less space for content and will lead to lesser engagement. Also, make sure to use the right hashtags. Always keep a lookout for trending hashtags in your industry.

It is always a good idea to use images /GIFs / videos with your Tweets. Use informative / related multimedia whenever possible.

Identify and Engage with Influencers

Engaging with influencers with your business’ profile can be a game changer. The first step towards this would be identifying influencers in your field. If you know a few names, begin engaging with them, if not, you can use tools to find them. SocialBro is one of such tools that will find influencers based on keywords related to your industry.

Once you have a list of influencers handy, begin engaging with them. Mention them in your tweets, retweet their content, reply to their content; there’s so much you can do. With more engagements with influencers, you will be visible to more people following the influencers.

Use Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics tool is a very crucial tool which can be put to use for increasing user engagement and blog visits. This tool gives you detailed overview of the engagements your tweets got. With all this information in your hand, you can identify what kind of tweets (text / image / video / links) your audience responds in the best way. This will help you strategize your tweets in future for maximum engagements.

Competitor Analysis

It is always a good idea to find out what your competitors are doing on Twitter. Identify some of your competitors; find out what they are posting and what’s getting most engagements. You can also go through their follower list to connect with new people. You will also get to know some of the hashtags that you might be missing out on.


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