How to Use Text Marketing for your E-Commerce Business

Text Marketing

It is estimated that 95 out of every 100 people who opt into receiving marketing text messages will read them. We are a mobile society where much of the information that we exchange back and forth is done through text messages or mobile phone conversations, yet text marketing is still grossly underappreciated.

When you do find a marketing company or company owner who talks about text marketing, they are usually talking about brick and mortar businesses. It is true that text message marketing is a great way to get a message out to a customer base that is constantly moving and looking for great deals, but it can also be effective for your e-commerce business as well.

How can Text Message Marketing Improve Sales for my eCommerce Business?

The importance of text marketing to e-commerce can be summed up by a couple of statistics that show how popular texting is to consumers. More than nine out of 10 Americans send a text message each and every day. This is a telling statistic when considering how many American consumers use texting.

Another interesting statistic tells us that almost one out of every three Americans prefers to use texting over talking on the phone. Millions of consumers prefer receiving texts, which means that those consumers are more likely to read your information when you use texting for e-commerce.

The simple fact is that using a text messaging service for e-commerce is going to get your messages read and get your marketing information to the right people. Email marketing success rates peaked in 2013 and have gone flat ever since. A text marketing service for e-commerce is going to reach more people interested in your message and more people who are likely to respond to your call for action.

Texting to Boost Sales

Mobile computing users are accessing the Internet in larger numbers, and that makes text message marketing the perfect vehicle to boost e-commerce sales. Brick and mortar shops text out special limited time offers to try and convince people who are out and about to make their way over to their store and take advantage of the deals. Using text messages for marketing your e-commerce business can create the same sense of urgency and help increase revenue.

Good Text Marketing can Target the Right Audience

The immediate attention people give text messages means that your e-commerce will get immediate responses throughout your marketing campaign. A focused text marketing campaign is going to improve conversion rate numbers for your e-commerce site and get you better quality traffic.

Since more people read their texts than almost any other form of communication, you can be sure that targeted texting campaigns to an audience that would be interested in your products or services are going to bring in more focused responses. The dedication consumers have to texting means that your text campaigns are going to bring back more responses and turn more clicks into paying customers.

Keeping Customers Informed

The kind of text message marketing e-commerce websites can benefit from is functional as well as informational. You can use SMS marketing to update customers on the progress of their orders and answer customer service questions as well. When people opt-in to your text marketing program, you can immediately send them a discount coupon to make them glad they joined.

You can also create different types of SMS marketing programs that appeal to different types of customers. Some customers will want to know when you put a particular item on sale, while other consumers are more interested in an updated inventory of your clearance items. Specialized text marketing is a great way to drive more traffic to your e-commerce site and build more business.


Remarketing is reaching out to customers who started a shopping cart on your site but never checked out. It is also reaching out to customers who spent time on your site looking at particular items but never made a purchase. Instead of sending emails to these customers that may never be opened, you can send texts and increase your chances of grabbing that revenue.

Why does your e-commerce website need text marketing? Because more people are interested in reading texts than they are emails. You can reach a more captive audience when you invest your time and money into putting together a comprehensive text marketing plan.

Millions of Americans prefer communicating through text to talking on the phone. That fact alone indicates that there is so much texting can do for your e-commerce business. Take a look at text message marketing today an increase the return you get on your marketing dollars.


by Michael Zhou, Negosentro