How to Use Location-Based Online Marketing to Boost Your Sales

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Negosentro How to Use Location-Based Online Marketing to Boost Your Sales | Location-based marketing is a new marketing trend that involves targeting the customers on a granular level by locating their city, place, or local region. There are about 239.1 million search engine users in the USA. Search engines run thousands of checks to determine location-specific demand. 

Google alone holds about 74.75% of this search engine market share. Online marketing works by sending messages based on the physical location of the customers. SEO plays a crucial role in this format. The search engines work best when you add detailed information about your business in Google My Business or hire SEO services in the USA.

What Should You Know About Location-Based Online Marketing?

As a new business advertising strategy, it uses the target audience’s location to increase organic traffic. The first step into location-based marketing is to study and analyze which product has more demand in a particular region. 

Also, if you want to sell your product to increase profit margin, you must research the location where your product or service is purchased more. It is a game of sustaining the demands for a specific product and creating demands for a new product. 

But, the guidelines and rules by FTC on digital marketing are strict. The FTC Act forbids unfair or deceptive advertising in any medium.

Benefits of Location-based Online Marketing

Opportunity to Target More Customers

As of January 2020, the mobile internet users’ population of the USA is about 246.3 million. Additionally, about 288 million people are active internet users. With such a large number of people using internet service, it is easy to target potential customers based on location. Location-based marketing allows you to learn who is close to your store, products, or services.

It’s an Economic Approach and Geo-specific

About 75 million people in the USA use online to book a cab if you talk about online cab services. The cab aggregator companies like Uber, Lyft, Hailo, Gett, and Cabify use geo-specific marketing techniques. It is a low-cost approach to target more customers and retains existing ones. 

They offer coupons on long-distance rides, free first ride, and other seasonal discounts that help the companies to grab more customers and promote free word of mouth publicity.

Helps in Creating Niche and Improves SERP Ranking

Around 60% to 75% of the USA’s local businesses have flourished due to location-based marketing. Many of them are also local legends in their business market. 

Gas Buddy, Barneys New York, Whole Foods, and Van Leeuwen (Ice-cream brand) are a few topmost local businesses that have developed a strong foothold in the local market in New York. Once you become the most searched company online, search engines will also push you on a higher rank.

Now, let’s see how to increase the scope of sales with the help of location-based marketing.

Focus on Local Search Engine Optimized Website

It is one of the primary steps to target the local audience. Your website has to be local SEO friendly. You should make use of location-specific keywords that will drive the organic crowd to your webpage. Discuss your services and products that are available in that particular location. Your secondary focus also has to be on making a website mobile-friendly.

Also, listing your business in local search directories like Yelp can help in getting more prospective customers. If you are listed in Google My Business, then mention the location of services. A more specific location helps in driving inbound traffic and keeps your website optimized for SERP.

Go for PPC Advertising

Industry experts in the USA state that the paid search results gain 1.5 times more conversions from click-throughs. PPC (Pay per click) advertising is the best method to segregate the location-specific audience. The location-based marketing helps you in filtering the crowd that has access to your PPC ads.

You can target a group of a particular location based on the segmented data and run your ad campaigns. This is most widely practiced in the business world to target local customers.

Make Use of Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Wechat, etc. are a few social media platforms where you can create a local business profile. There are about 223.2 million people who use Facebook in the USA for sharing data, online shopping and posting reviews. 

Do make use of keywords that are location-specific so that people become aware of your services available in their vicinity. Facebook is one of the best and most popular platforms to target more audience, but for that, you have to keep your profile updated with videos and photos. You will also have to come up with different offers continuously to keep your customers coming back to your website.

Get Yourself Listed in Directories

There are many business-specific and location-specific directories, where you can get listed for local business marketing. It is one of the useful tips to establish yourself in a local area.

Some of the widely used directories are Apple maps, LinkedIn company directory, Bing, Yelp, MapQuest, HubSpot, Super Pages, Yellow Book, and Thumbtack. Once you mention your location in the directories, you will see the sales numbers rising in a couple of months.

Tie-up with Location-based Applications

Tying up with other location-based applications may not be easy for some businesses, but it is not impossible either. According to SEO services in the USA, you can promote your products online through a third party that deals with a similar business background. For instance, if you are a local ice cream vendor, you can tie-up with a local grocery store.

This way, you will be able to promote your products and grab more potential customers in the local area. There are about 70,000 local businesses in the USA, operating through location-based applications.

Respond to the Queries

Almost 70% of the businesses in the USA generate profits by merely responding to the queries received. Many people may visit your webpage and post reviews or ask questions. It should be your priority to address those queries. 91% of the business is generated only by answering the queries raised by prospective customers.

Your location-based marketing will prove successful only when you respond to the reviews. A strong buyer-seller interaction is a must to generate more sales. It also indirectly influences your market reputation and brand building.

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