How to Use Google My Business to Enhance Your Business’s Reach

Use Google My Business Google monitor your business

Google has become the go-to source of information for most of the world’s population. It is the dominant online search engine and connects consumers with hundreds of millions of services, products, and experiences every single day.

Google can single-handed make a business successful. The businesses it gives prominence to in its searches can become wildly successful overnight. But on the other hand, those that don’t harness Google’s potential can struggle to grow.

As a local business, how can you use Google to effectively drive potential sales? Through Google My Business.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free-to-use tool which allows businesses to control how it appears on Google. When used correctly, it can significantly increase the rate at which your business will appear in local searches.

How Can it Benefit Your Business?

Through Google My Business, local business owners can ensure their business shows up in Google Maps searches. Local maps marketing means that when a user is searching google maps for a specific business near them, your business will appear on their map with details of your opening hours, peak visiting times, your contact details, photos, customer reviews and a link to your website.

By creating a Google My Business listing, your establishment will not only show up on a map search, it will also show up in local searches in Google. If, for example, someone searches for ‘mechanics in Minneapolis’, your business will appear near the top of the search results.

Having a Google My Business profile that is up to date and contains as much information as possible about your business will help potential customers choose your business. Customers are much more likely to choose a business that has its opening hours listed, photos of the establishment and a phone number listed than one with an incomplete profile. Not only does it show them that your business is definitely open, it shows that it is organized and legitimate enough to have a strong online presence.

To enhance your profile and improve your listing ranking, have customers leave a review online. This isn’t easy to do but offering a small incentive if they do it always a nice tough. For example, some restaurants offer a free side of fries if you can show that you just left a positive review of the restaurant online. A coffee shop, for example, might hand out a small free coffee for customers that leave a positive review.

It Also Has Featured Content

Google My Business also allows business owners to publish featured content on its platform. Many businesses use this feature to publish information on special events, product announcements and new merchandise, special offers and sale information and general business announcements, such as a change in opening hours.

For local businesses that rely on local trade, Google My Business is a must. Its use can help bring in potential customers, drive more traffic to your website and help publicize special events to the local community. Create your company profile today to start reaping the rewards.

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