How to Top Up a Bitcoin Wallet: Great Crypto Buying Insights for Beginners

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Source: | How to Top Up a Bitcoin Wallet: Great Crypto Buying Insights for Beginners | If you are planning to buy Bitcoin for the first time, you might be wondering: How to top up a bitcoin wallet? Since it is a must for you to top up your bitcoin wallet when you are relatively new to cryptocurrency, it is important that you are familiar with the process of doing it and much more.

However, even experienced traders usually have to top up the Bitcoin wallet here and there. Usually, there are many scenarios when the wallet needs a top-up.

  •       After buying Bitcoins at an exchange
  •       Before sending Bitcoin to a known address outside of an exchange
  •       When doing Bitcoin mixing

How Top Up Bitcoin Wallet: Withdrawing to Your Wallet

As a beginner, withdrawing to your wallet can be hectic and you must be asking yourself: How to top up a bitcoin wallet? While using exchange platforms, such as the Safemoon BSC Price Chart, which is more popular, you should be careful to top up the bitcoin account successfully. Here is a typical guideline of what the process looks like.

Choose the “Send Bitcoin” option on your exchange platform account. You will be prompted to enter the amount you wish to send. It is good to take note of the commission that will be charged for the transaction. This varies from one broker to another.

Next is to fill in your Bitcoin wallet address. It will then display on the screen for you to verify that it is correct. Be careful to do the right thing as a mistake can lead to a loss of money and digital assets.

Click send and wait for the blockchain confirmation message to know that your BTC has arrived safely. This process might take some time, up to ten minutes or more depending on the exchange and network. It also depends on the number of blocks that will successfully verify your transaction.

So, now you have the answers to the question: How to top up a bitcoin wallet? But this is only for a typical exchange platform. There is still more to learn such as How top up bitcoin wallet at Nakitcoins? Visit their website to find the right procedure.

Top Up from a Bitcoin ATM

The procedure to buy bitcoin to address from a Bitcoin ATM is almost similar to using an exchange platform with slight differences. However, the procedures can vary from one ATM to another. So, you need to be careful when following the prompts on the screen. Take note that ATMs charge some commission for every process of buying BTC to your address.

The first step is to choose the buy option on the screen. Then enter the address of your Bitcoin wallet. Most of these machines have advanced the procedure on how to top up bitcoin account by adding a QR scanner. So, the customer just scans their wallet QR code using the provided scanner and it will automatically detect the address.

From here, enter the amount of BTC that you wish to top up (buy). This is the real transaction, so it will take some time after you enter your credit card details or do a bank transfer process. So, be patient and mindful that blockchain verification time is needed for the transaction.

On your phone or tablet, wait for a confirmation message. Up to three messages might appear, especially if you are doing a large top-up. So, is this the best process regarding how to top up a bitcoin wallet. It is one of the best since BTC ATMs rarely disappoint.

How Top Up a Bitcoin Wallet? Try a Bank

If you know of a bank where you can top up your Bitcoin wallet, then you can try this option. The good thing with a bank is that a physical person will show you how to top up bitcoin, making it appropriate for a beginner.

How to top up a bitcoin wallet? Well, just walk into a bank, confirm the exchange rates and commission, and start the process. Some banks might have a BTC ATM for self-service while others have a teller to take you through the procedure.

You will be prompted to give a payment method such as a bank transfer, cash deposit, or using a credit card. There is always a converter to know how much BTC will be topped up in your wallet.

Give your address, email, or any other details you are asked. Just like in an ATM, they might need a BTC wallet QR code that is accurate to use. After that, you will wait until your Bitcoin wallet has been loaded successfully. Again, is this one of the best processes on how to top up bitcoin wallet. If you are a newbie, this is one of the most reliable ways as banks rarely have fraud issues.

Top Up from an Individual Seller

Peer-to-peer platforms connect Bitcoin buyers and sellers and you might decide to do the transaction outside. There is also an option of buying from a known friend. So, how to top up a bitcoin wallet? All you need is to give the seller your Bitcoin address and they will top up your wallet. Confirm to them when the coins have arrived.


By now, you have more than enough options to do a how to do top up bitcoin. So, this question has now been answered: How to top up a bitcoin wallet? If you are relatively new to crypto investment, this will be helpful to you.