How To Test Your Business App For A Successful Launch

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by Phillip Lew, Chief Executive Officer of XBOSoft | |

The great thing about mobile apps is that you can access information, shopping, entertainment or anything else anywhere at any time. However, that’s only true if the app works. The instant gratification that mobile apps offer has made life more convenient. Though it also has made us a lot less patient when it comes to apps that don’t function as well as they should. Not only do customers have high expectations for how well their mobile apps should work and how reliable they should be, but the myriad options out there make it easy for anyone to find an alternative that will offer them the same functionality with better reliability. Even if it’s not the brand of which they’re familiar. The margin for error for mobile apps is already razor-thin.

To illustrate the precarious nature of the situation, only about 16 percentof smartphone users will continue using an app if it fails twice. Customers’ expectations for mobile apps are that they will work every time and give them little to no frustration when they use them. That’s why it’s essential for any business with a mobile app to ensure that those apps are thoroughly tested before they go live. The testing process for mobile apps has to be intensive and comprehensive to ensure that the app will deliver what it needs to, when it needs to — every time.

Businesses with mobile apps need to be aware that there’s more to testing their apps than tapping the icon to make sure it starts. They need to put their apps through the wringer to ensure every possible condition and function have been put through their paces and pass every single test flawlessly. In a lot of ways, testing a mobile app is as rigorous as test-driving a new car. Thus, it’s important to keep all of the most important elements of a mobile app test in mind throughout the process.

Customers’ expectations for mobile apps are extremely high, and they won’t give businesses the benefit of their patience if an app doesn’t perform at 100 percent at any given point. Whether you try your hand at a DIY app-building service or sign up with a professional developer, you need to know what to look for when testing your app. Use this checklist from XBOSoft to look for possible errors that could lead to an unsuccessful app launch.

Testing Checklist: How To Test A Mobile App created by XBOSoft

Author bio: Phillip Lew is Chief Executive Officer at XBOSoft, a software testing company. He oversees strategy, operations and business development through his expertise as a software engineer since founding the company in 2006. Lew holds a PMP certification and a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from Beihang University.


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