How to Style a Clear Raincoat?

how-to-style-a-clear-raincoat | How to Style a Clear Raincoat? | If you’re a woman who lives in a country like the UK, where it rains regularly, the chances are high that you have at least one good women’s raincoat in your wardrobe. It’s an essential item. When rain is a common, everyday happening, we can’t let it prevent us from going about our daily business. So it’s on with the rainwear and out of the door, business as usual. 

The Womens Raincoat – a Wardrobe Essential

If the rain catches you when you’re halfway through your commute, you’ll probably survive by using your umbrella. If, on the other hand, you’re about to leave the house for work in the midst of a downpour, it’s best to dress up for the rain. While there are different styles of rain jackets and raincoats, the clear raincoat is a timeless classic that never dates. Made of strong, high quality plastic material, it has a classic coat design. It can simply be worn over your normal clothing as a thin, transparent layer.

The Transparent Outer Layer

The clear raincoat is supposed to be discreet. Something that fits into your handbag just in case a shower starts. Something that can be worn unnoticed over your usual layers. Yet, clear or not, everyone knows it’s there. It forms a barrier between yourself and the fain, making the rain that hits you form little rivers that drip towards the ground. If you want it to be really effective, it’s best to go for the ‘hoodie’ style and protect your head as well. This can have the effect of making you feel like a packaged supermarket sandwich. Not really the most comfortable feeling, but a lot better than feeling damp and wet. Yet it protects you and protects your clothing. That’s what counts.

Wear the Womens Raincoat with Style

So how is it possible to make a style statement when wearing a transparent outer layer? The answer is to wear what you’d usually wear if it wasn’t raining. There has been some great interest in puffer coats over the last few years. Many women wear them in exciting colours. If you’re wearing a coat like that under a transparent layer, you know you’re making a style statement without even trying. If you’re travelling to work on your daily commute (even in the time of Covid-19)you’re probably wearing some great office wear. You probably retain some bold, modern pieces alongside some timeless, classic pieces. So keep on wearing that wardrobe and let your transparent rainwear allow you to keep showing off your great sense of style. Clear raincoats can come in a variety of colours too, so you can make your rainwashed commuter look even more interesting if you so desire.

Whether at Work or at Play

It doesn’t matter whether you wear your clear raincoat with your powered-up working outfits or with a more casual ensemble. A clear raincoat gives you an opportunity to stay safe from the rain while showing off your sense of style, whether on duty or off duty. It protects your oufit too. For those who live in climates where rainfall is common, it’s a great way to carry on with your life regardless of the outside circumstances. Stay safe from the rain and show off your sense of style.

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