How to Stay Focused between Work and the Holidays

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We’re almost there on the busiest time of the year. What happens when you can’t leave work during the festivities? Here are few tricks to stay focused at ‘work from home’ during the holidays.

1. Plan ahead

Create a to-do list for both work and personal tasks. When you’re at work, focus on your work. Likewise, when you’re at home, concentrate on checking off tasks on your personal list. Don’t bring work at home with you.

The key is not to multitask. You can’t sit in on a conference call and shop online at the same time, that isn’t a productive or efficient use of your time. Attend to one project at a time and finish what you started.

2. Learn to Say “no”

Don’t over commit. We Filipinos always feel guilty not committing to countless parties and functions but tends to go out of focus on wrapping up at work. Also, it’s quite tiring to hop from one place to another, prioritize wisely.

3. Work Efficiently

Maintain your work-life balance during the holidays by being flexible with your working hours. Maybe you could request a work from home to feel less pressured but you should commit to your tasks. Sara Sutton Fell from FlexJobs added, “Just being able to start dinner while you’re finishing up the work day can help you maintain your balance during a very busy time.”

4. Signs of sickness? Stop.

If you start to feel sick, like colds or fever, stop what you’re doing and rest. Your body tells you to take a break from the busy holidays and work. You may just need a day to regain your energy, after that, onto your next tasks.

5. Enjoy the holidays

Savor the Christmas season, like the song says, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Don’t stress yourself out, make it simple, and have fun!

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