How To Spend Quarantine With Your Bike

Quarantine With Your Bike | How To Spend Quarantine With Your Bike | The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent quarantining have had a major impact on our world. For people who love being outdoors, being kept inside can be difficult. Lockdown and social distancing are making day to day life hard to live, but for our sake, it is must be followed. Still, if you are missing riding your motorcycle, you may be wondering what you can do during the quarantine. Fortunately, with a few motorcycle accessories and tools, you could still show your bike some love even if you aren’t riding. Take out your time and spend with your bike during this quarantine. 

Do Some Routine Maintenance

All vehicles require maintenance to keep them in optimal condition. For motorcycles, this can include changing the oil, washing the bike, changing the brake pads, and more. Fortunately, many of these routine maintenance tasks are easy to do at home. If you have a garage, driveway, or other space where you can work on your bike, you can show it a little TLC during the lockdown.

This is the perfect chance to learn how to change your motorcycle oil if you don’t already know. Many basic maintenance tasks are easy to learn and require only a few hand tools. When you work on your bike, you get a chance to deepen your ownership experience.

Take on Your Wishlist Projects

Every bike owner has some wish list items that he or she has been wanting to work on. This is the perfect time for some upgrades. Perhaps you have some parts that are getting worn and could benefit from replacement.

Order a few motorcycle parts online and get to work. You could be ending quarantine with your dream bike ready to go. Maybe you want to boost a little power with a performance air intake or to improve handling with some ceramic brakes. Whatever is on your wish list, now is the time to do it. If you can’t take your bike out, you may as well improve it.

Get Some Accessories

In a similar vein, you could accessorize your bike a little. Perhaps you have been thinking about adding some extra cargo storage or getting a better Bluetooth setup for talking with your friends while riding.

Another smart idea is to get some protective gear. If you are taking your bike off-road, having the right clothing, best beginner motorcycle helmets, gloves and boots are very important. Hopefully, you already have a good helmet. However, there may be some other accessories you could benefit from.

Again, the idea is that you can invest in your bike in ways you may not have been able to previously. Accessories can help make your riding experience a lot more fun.

Enjoy Quarantine With Your Bike

When you spend time working on your bike, you get to enjoy more meaningful ownership and riding experience. During quarantine, you are most likely not going out riding often. So, you can take on bigger projects that you may have been putting off. You may not have been wanting to take your bike apart to add a new exhaust system, for example. However, now you can do it without missing out on hitting the trail.

Besides the maintenance work, you must keep your motorcycle safe, and it should be on your priority list. Here are some insights on how to keep your bike safe:

Park your Motorcycle safely

Do park your motorcycle safely either in your garage or lawn. If it is outside, cover it adequately to protect from dust and scorching sunlight. To ensure the oil is at a balanced level, it is better to park your two-wheeler on the main stand. Risk of theft has a higher chance when parked outside, to prevent this, you can use a disc or spoke lock.

Disconnect the battery

When you are unsure about when the quarantine will be lifted, one thing is sure that your motorcycle is going to be idled for a certain period, so, make sure to disconnect the battery to save it from getting discharged. If you aren’t willing to disconnect the battery; you can start your motorcycle every 3 to 4 days and keep the engine on for a few minutes, doing this will ensure the functioning of the battery, saving it from getting discharged.

Get to work on your bike and make the most of your quarantine situation. It is a great way to keep yourself busy.

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