How to ship a bike you just bought

How to ship a bike you just bought Best Daily Stretches for Cyclists California Bike Fatalities Hobbies for Men bike-travel | How to ship a bike you just bought | There could be many moments in your lifetime where you feel the need to ship your bike. It may be from one city to another or a whole new country. People could need it for their e-commerce business to send it to your customers, or someone may want to gift it to their loved ones. Many bikers also need this when taking part in bike race competitions some miles away. But the weird shape and size of the bike make it challenging to ship. Shipping your bike can be a hectic task to do and requires proper planning. If not done correctly, it can lead to severe damages. If your bike gets exposed to transit, it can lead to damaged seat tubes and bent frames. To make it ship safe and secured, you need to learn the tricks. In this article, we will instruct you in steps for preparing your bike for shipping. For getting the best services, do contact Quick Verhuizing.

Important Packing Supplies to have

To start with, you need to gather all the essential supplies which would be required in the process of packaging. These supplies will protect your bike from damages and scratches. You would need large boxes, a pedal wrench, foam padding, and bubble wraps to provide proper cushioning for shipping your bike. The rest are PVC tubing to protect the frame, Zip ties, Tape and scissors for sealing it, and lastly, a Pad spacer for hydraulic disc brakes.

Steps For Disassembling a Bike For Shipping

To reach out to the next step, we need to disassemble the bike to reduce its height and make the fragile parts protected. Let’s discuss it in stages.

To protect the frames of your bike from scratch while dissembling transit, a layer of extra cushioning would be a superb idea. This can be done through an extra layer of foam pipe insulation. The best way is to first disassemble the seat, pedals, and Seatpost by unscrewing it, which will make it narrower. It will make it much easy to make it fit into the box without popping out. Also, add some bubble wrap into it.

Now wrap the top tube of your bike with Tape and loosen the handlebars. Now it’s time to ditch the wheels. You can also accommodate it with the rear wheels attached. To do so, cover that part with foam or bubble wrap along with the cassette and rotators. The rear derailleur needs to be covered with dense packing while being zipped with tapes. 

Make sure to separate the brake pads with a pad spreader once it is removed from the wheels. Extend the portion beyond the rear dropout through calipers to save it from getting damaged. Cover the fork dropouts with PVC pipes to avoid damages. Further, deflate the tires but partially. Doing so wholly can increase the chances of getting the rims scratched.

How to Pack a Bike For Shipping

Once your bike is dissembled, it’s time to get them into the box; choose the appropriate sizes of packages to fit in your bike parts. Add bubble wraps on the bottom of the box to provide proper cushioning at the time of knock during transit. The plumbing insulation will make the frame protected and other parts. Now it’s time to place the rear wheel along with the frame into the box first. Fillup the inside left space with cardboards to make sure that everything is in its place. Now seal the box with the coating of Tape followed by the courier’s website’s shipping label.


You need to do some research by comparing the websites of such service providers. The rate may differ depending on the weight, delivery speed, and the distance of the destination. The best way is to use a shipping rate calculator for comparing the best services. Make sure to choose the service providers who provide extra facilities like insurance facilities in case of damages or losses. The tracking facilities are also necessary to ensure it is not delivered to the wrong address or lost. The best service provider will take care of all your custom forms, if delivering internationally, to avoid delays.

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