How to score good marks in Class 8 Maths without tuition?

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How to score good marks in Class 8 Maths without tuition? | Mathematics helps build and improve the reasoning, problem-solving, and critical thinking abilities of students. It helps them solve problems in theory and in the practical world. It can be an interesting subject if the students get the hang of it and help them in further studies as well. Mathematics is one of the important subjects that is likely to be helpful in any stream the student chooses to study or follow in the future. 

Maths can be a daunting subject for some students but if ample practice questions are attempted and the concept is understood properly it can be one of the highest-scoring subjects for the student. Unlike other subjects, the student just needs enough practice and not mug up the answers like other theory exams. If the concepts and formulas are well understood and memorized the possibility of committing an error is low. Hence, it can be a high-scoring subject that can help in the average value or percentage of the student’s academic performance. 

Tips to keep in mind while preparing for the exam

  • Set a timetable- Allotting time to each chapter while preparing is very important. The NCERT class 8 maths book has 20 chapters. Each chapter is given different marks depending on the extent of it. When starting to prepare each chapter should be given proper time and practice. Whichever chapter the student might think is tough for him/her should be given extra time and attention. 
  • Give yourself time- It is important to understand that breaks are necessary. Do not overwork yourself and remember to take regular breaks in between your study period. Go out for a walk, read, play or watch TV to refresh yourself. Come back refreshed and then get to studying.
  • Constant practice- Mugging up is not the way to succeed in mathematics. The only thing you can memorize are formulas but that would also be of no use if you do not know how to use them. So practice all the questions in the NCERT book in each chapter. You can find the NCERT maths book solution for class 8 here for reference. If any question is wrong practice it again till you understand the method. NCERT book is the best book to focus on and practice questions from as it covers all types of questions that could be asked in the exam and the concepts are explained within the chapter as well. 
  • Write and practice all the formulas and concepts. Just reading through all the formulas does not help at times. When you write any formula or concept you tend to understand and memorize it better. For chapters like algebra, cube roots, mensuration and linear equations where there might be a lot of formulas it is better that you list them out and write them to memorize them. If you do so it will also be easier for you to just revise this list of formulas the day before the exam thus, making the revision process easier for you. 
  • Practice all the graphs and geometric figures. When understanding the concepts of graphs and figures make sure you draw and practice them. Get extra graph sheets and practice the graphs so you do not make any mistakes while measuring points and space. Graphs and geometry can be easy to score marks in if the concepts are clear and all the figures are drawn and practiced religiously.
  • Do not leave any questions or chapters while preparing. Even if the syllabus seems a lot, it is important that you manage your time by preparing a timetable and studying all the chapters, and practicing all the questions from the book. Do not skip any questions or chapters that you might feel have less weightage. Even if the questions from these chapters are not asked in the exam these chapters help build your base for topics in higher classes. It is imperative that all your fundamentals of class 8 are clear so that you don’t have any problems in the classes ahead. 
  • Sample papers- Practicing sample papers is very important when preparing for a subject like maths. Refer to previous years’ exam papers or solved sample papers. Sample papers with solutions and explanations are readily available. Solving questions from sample papers makes you aware of where you stand in your preparation, what your weak and strong topics are. Assess once you have fully attempted the paper so that you know which part might need some extra practice. Also, time yourself when you are attempting the paper so that if you need to manage your time better on the day of the exam then you will know. 
  • Clear all your doubts and concepts- Always clear all your concepts before attempting any sample papers or revision exercises. It will not be of any help if you keep practicing questions blindly without understanding them or the concept/formula you are using to solve them. Refer to the NCERT book as it has all the explanations or asks your teacher for help. 

In conclusion, it is important you have a stable timetable for studying, giving yourself enough time to study and take a break. Practice your sums daily, write down your formulas and concepts, sleep well and eat healthily. Always study with a fresh mind. Do not fear the subject as some students tend to. If all your concepts are clear and you know all your formulas you can score very well in your maths exam. Do not attempt any of the sample papers in a hurry. To ace your maths exam you need constant practice. Even if you feel you know a concept extremely well in school, come back and still practice at least one sum from it. Your NCERT is the best book to refer to and study from for the exam. By following the above-mentioned tips, you will surely score good marks in your maths exam and will not need any tuition. 

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