How to Redecorate Your Condo While Living in Lockdown

Redecorate Your Condo | How to Redecorate Your Condo While Living in Lockdown | While living in lockdown, there is one thing that condo dwellers can do: redecorate. Now is the perfect time to freshen up the interiors of your Makati condo with a new decorative scheme. Changing how your unit appears not only improves the visual aesthetics, but also keep you busy while staying home amidst the pandemic.

Of all the things you have to buy for your condo uni, accessories are probably the least expensive. But, you might get fussy when deciding which items to buy. Good thing, you can find lots of home decor accessories online. After all, online shopping experienced a sudden surge when the lockdown period started. 

Whatever accessories you want, these things come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Some pieces are highly versatile while some designs are only good for a season. Hence, it can be a challenge to identify which items sit perfectly on the tables and shelves of your BGC condo.

But, home decorating is now easy for you from here onwards. You can use these insider tips for buying condo home decorations. With these tips, you won’t stay clueless when you visit the home and lifestyle section of an online store. Without further ado, here’s what you need to know when shopping for condo accessories.

How to redecorate your condo

1) Keep a copy of sizes

First things first before you move on to colors and textures—you should first cover the basics. Size and shape are essential components of design you shouldn’t neglect. Before grabbing a bunch of items for check out, you must ensure that it fits the shelf or floor space it occupies. 

Also, you should keep a copy of the measurements in a notebook or paper. It’s also best to carry a tape measure during your shopping trip. That way, you won’t end up with a decor that’s too tall or wide.

2) Don’t hunt for exact items

The stores won’t have those anyway. Looking for the same marble tray or throw you found on Pinterest would only make you frustrated. 

If you wish to have the exact item, you might as well have it customized. If you are looking at stores, you shouldn’t confine yourself to specific items. Keep your mind open for suggestions. This works online too through checking out the related items. 

Furthermore, you should be loose with your guidelines; yes, they are there to guide you, not impose on your decisions. For instance, you should specify only the number of items, colors, or the size of the things you need.

3) Look for alternatives

Always look for alternatives. This cannot be emphasized enough. However, try not to spend a lot when buying accessories. Remember, these items are not for life. You’ll replace them eventually. 

You can score great finds at antique shops and thrift stores, which may be also available online. However, be wary of the shipping fees that escalate depending on your location and the weight and volume of the item(s) to be shipped. 

You can also look for home decor in department stores and other affordable places. Accessories are only meant to add a bit of flavor to your home. They aren’t investment pieces like your couch or dining table.

4) Choose items that tell a story

Editorial spreads are pretty to look at, but they don’t show who you are. Homes in magazines and Pinterest don’t look like people live there. 

To ensure your house doesn’t end up looking static, you should use random items from your travels and experiences as home decor. Family photos, collections, and memorabilia are examples of items you can use to fill empty spaces in your Pasig condo.

5) Look at what you have

Getting new home decor doesn’t always mean you have to shop. Sometimes, it is a reason for you to look at what you own and see if there’s anything you can use. 

You can find a lot of discarded items you can fix or restore when you check your stuff. When things are out of sight long enough, they become our favorite thing once they come back. 

Take advantage of your newfound love for your items to take your home decor to the next level. Remember that you are on lockdown, which is an opportunity to look at your possessions hard and long enough to give them a new life.

6) Learn to layer 

Use items with different height to add visual interest and depth. You can mix tall things with medium-sized items. Add variety using short items. 

Keep this in mind when looking for home decor. You can apply this with all sorts of things with different shapes and sizes. You can also get accessories with different textures and colors. That way, you maximize the impact of your design scheme.

7) Get some books

Books are essential to home decor. If you have hardcover books, you can pile them on your shelves with the titles facing you. You can also put them vertically and spread them out. You can use the space in between for small decors. 

Books are interesting because of their colors and print. Not only that, but they are also great conversation starters. You never know when a guest has the same tastes as yours.

8) Embrace painting

Though your property already survived a few disasters, it doesn’t mean it has to look like one. You must always keep it fresh and updated. The simplest way to do this is by applying paint to your walls. It doesn’t only make your property look new and organized. It also increases value. 

You don’t have to think hard about paint colors. There are several swatches of paint on the market, but you are safe when you select neutral hues. It’s because a lot of people like these colors and they easily blend with other colors. Save your patterns and bright coats of paint for your home.

When buying home accessories, you must ensure you are only getting what you love. Don’t do things you don’t like because you want to copy a design you found online. Always pick the ones that speak to you and show off your personality. 

If you can’t find an item that suits your taste, then visit a different store. There’s a plethora of physical and online stores to buy your accessories from, that is if you need to buy something. You can also hold off buying until you are sure of what you want.


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