How to Rebuild a Struggling Reputation

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Negosentro|How to Rebuild a Struggling Reputation|Although it’s exciting to purchase a business from someone else, it is also a challenge — especially if the business that you’ve bought is one that doesn’t have the best reputation. No matter what sort of company it is — a retail shop, a restaurant or contracting company — a bad reputation can be hard to sponge away, but not impossible.

Tighten Security

Was there an incident in the past, some kind of crime associated with your new business before you inherited it? If so, this can stick in the public’s mind for a long, long time. Even if your company isn’t housed in the most upscale area, that doesn’t mean that you won’t take every precaution to ensure that your customers feel safe visiting it again. Do what you can as the owner to tighten security and make it feel safer for customers.

Internet Safety

Data breaches are all over the news lately and it is terrifying. Remember that incident with Target customers in the recent past, and the Facebook data leak of 2019? It seems like no matter how big the corporation is, there’s no stopping the most determined thieves. With that in mind, contact your internet service provider and ask what you can do to ensure your network is as secure as the United Nations. If they’re using terminology you don’t understand, be sure to ask questions like “What is SSL? Is it a good thing for my business?” 

Additionally, check into third-party applications or antivirus software for business settings. There are many, many options for small businesses, so take your pick in deciding on one. Remember to research all of them; what works perfectly for one company might not work for yours.

Extra Lighting 

Poorly lit areas are prime spots for crime to take place. Rather than grumble about the lack of lighting around your business front, install some yourself. Super-bright LEDs are great for placing above doorways and windows. Think about the parking lot as well. The brighter the lights the more secure it is, since bad guys will have no place to hide in the darkness. See what kinds of commercial lights are available for staff and customer parking spots.

Hired Muscle

Don’t let anyone make you feel that hiring a security guard service is overkill, especially if the business has had issues in the past. Seeing security guards on the premises serves double duty: It increases the feeling of safety indoors and deters any potential bad behavior.

A New Marketing Campaign

Not all press is good press. If you’ve been left holding the bag for a business that did some shady things in the past, why not go through a complete rebrand to show the world that you’re not the same anymore? Sure, it might be the same establishment, but as soon as you picked up the lead for it the company became something new entirely.

Brand New Logo

Since your logo is the first physical representation of your business, create something that is totally different from the original. If you need to, contact a graphic designer to help you pick something perfect. Customers seeing a new logo are more likely to realize that something has changed internally.

Re-Evaluate the Company Culture

Maybe the last owner didn’t have a clear company culture, or if they did, perhaps it’s not one on par with your values. Start examining what you’ve been left with and make changes as you see fit: The treatment of employees, for example, or how difficult situations with customers are handled. You want positive associations, not an old grievance carried over from the past.

Make It Public

If you want there to be no mistake that the reins have changed, make it known. Announce all over your website, social media pages and anywhere else that you’re under new management. It can’t get any more loud and clear than that.

Rebuilding trust between your new company and your customers will take some time. But if you can take a negative situation and turn it into a good one, then that’s the mark of a good businessperson.

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