How to Plan the Perfect Work Christmas Party

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Negosentro | How to Plan the Perfect Work Christmas Party | Being in charge of planning your office’s Christmas do can be a stressful task. Although some of your co-workers might think of it as an easy, simple task, if you have organized a Christmas party before, you will know that it can be anything but!

It can feel overwhelming to be so responsible over giving your workplace a great end of year send-off. Trying to organize a thrilling, memorable night on a set budget can be difficult—not to mention keeping everyone happy, from your grumpy old boss who would much rather be curled up in front of the TV with a cup of cocoa to the wild young apprentice who would usually be out clubbing instead!

Getting the right balance to satisfy everyone with a great Christmas party can be tricky, but fear not—we have compiled the top tips you will need to know here!

Choose a Venue

Choosing the right venue is vital for a great party. While you may be able to use your office itself (in which case, be sure to add some decorations and lighting to make it feel less like being at work!) to save money, booking a venue may be more fun for your co-workers. Showing up to a bar or restaurant without booking is a recipe for disaster, especially if you have no backup plan. Whether you are booking a big table at a bar or an entire function room, make sure that you book early enough to get your spot instead of leaving it to chance. If in doubt, events management companies like CL Events can help you to plan everything perfectly.

Plan Well in Advance

The Christmas period is the busiest period for bars, restaurants, and other hospitality venues, and slots fill up fast. Booking the date in advance is vital to avoid missing out, and we don’t mean in November either! Most of the time, booking a Christmas party should happen at least a few months in advance.

Pick the Right Night

If you’re on a particularly tight budget, booking the party for a midweek night is often cheaper, and there won’t be as much competition for bookings on those nights. However, Friday and Saturday nights may be best if you’re anticipating a late and/or particularly boozy party—no-one wants to have to crawl out of bed hungover to get to work the morning after (not to mention, you can still be over the drink driving limit the morning after drinking)!

Consider a Theme

Fancy dress can be a great way of adding some fun to an otherwise typical night out without spending too much money. Apart from the cost of decorations (which is usually minimal), fancy dress is an ideal party to throw on a budget and adds a sense of anticipation and watercooler conversation in the office as people plan what they are going to wear. When all of the team are decked out in costume, make sure to get some photos!

If in Doubt… Let the People Decide!

If any of the decisions on venue, food, theme, or anything else are causing you stress, why not simply put it to a vote in the office? This can eliminate arguments as well as ensuring that your party choices are popular!

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