How to Nail a Virtual Career Fair as an Attendee or Host

How to Nail a Virtual Career Fair as an Attendee or Host 2020 - Negosentro

Negosentro| How to Nail a Virtual Career Fair as an Attendee or Host | Whether you’re picking up a second job, changing career paths, or hosting a booth at a job fair, recent events have forever changed the nature of career expos. Tech advancements have made it clear that knowledge-based jobs don’t require a physical office. The surge of a remote workforce also means the surge of remote hiring processes, and a career fair is still one of the most efficient ways to get face-time with multiple employers.

The rise of online job fairs also means that your talent pool widens. Where certain people who were passively looking for what’s on the market wouldn’t have shown up to face-to-face meetings to risk tension at their current employer, the virtual experience alleviates that worry. Potential talent is so vast, and a virtual job fair is a perfect way to connect with the employee of your dreams from the comfort of your workspace. 

Whether you’re attending or hosting, follow these tips for a successful career fair to connect with talent across the globe.

Hosting a Virtual Career Fair

When you’re hosting a booth at a virtual career fair, the first thing you should determine is goals. Whether that be the number of interviews scheduled, expanding an email list of passive candidates, or simply brand awareness, it’s important to define what you want to measure during the event. 

Customization is key. If the event is a 3D fair, you’ll want to make sure your booth is visually appealing to draw in people who may not have had your company on their radar before. Make sure you have plenty of material together, whether that be the pitch, a slide deck, or branded department videos. Attendees have a lot to consider when searching for their perfect job, so make sure you have a clear company culture to communicate, especially if you’re in a less-flashy industry. 

Before the fair begins, make sure you’ve created marketing campaigns to drum up interest from prospects. You’ll want to make sure that they know your company is attending, your core product, and which recruiters will be at the booth. Think about what you can offer visitors beyond a live conversation. Whether that be keynote speakers or industry presentations from experts. After the fair, make sure to follow-up with everyone who left contact information—focusing on the candidates you’re most interested in. 

Tips for Virtual Job Fair Attendees

As a career fair attendee, you have to find out what your edge is to stand out from the competition. From the get-go, you should have a pristine resume ready to hand to employers. Think about scheduling prior to the event to maximize your time. Decide what your top three companies are, and make a secondary list for any additional time left after speaking to the employers you’re most interested in.

Before the virtual job fair begins, do your research on the companies you’ll be speaking to. Know their core offering, and take notes. Since the expo is virtual, you have the benefit of referencing back to your research. Next, prep an elevator speech. It should be less than 75 seconds and communicate your past experience, your unique value, and a bold ask. Keep in mind that brevity is important in your pitch, as recruiters will be speaking to multiple candidates throughout the day. Follow these tips before, during, and after the career fair to maximize your potential for hiring