How to make your dormitory comfortable and make you happy


When you live in a dormitory, unlike at home, it is easy to feel lonely or bored. Decorating and adding objects can help to create a “space that belongs to you,” which can make the dormitory life comfortable and perfect. In the warm little room that you have created yourself, you will also have a full sense of happiness.

1 Configure a large desk

There must be a large desk with lots of drawers. You can sit for eight hours in front of the desk, and have enough space to put all kinds of ornaments, small cups, rice bowls, etc., things that can’t be put down, a comfortable coat on the chair and a small bookcase to let you learn. And work needs to be comfortable.

2 Decorate your wall

White walls are clean, but they look cold and have no life. They can’t bring you happiness. If you look at them for a long time, you will get tired of the dormitory. You can hang an artistic mural to add to your room for an artistic atmosphere or hang up the big poster photos of your favorite stars. You can then watch the excellent stars you like, and you will be full of motivation and yearning for life. You will be happy each time you come back to see your idol every day. Or choose to create a photo wall and hang up photos of your own life, record your own bits and pieces of college life, decorate your photos with light bars, and wait for the lights at night when the entire photo wall will softly glow.

3 Occasionally pull the curtain

When we live in the dormitory, we spend wonderful university time with our roommates, but we also need a quiet personal world to make ourselves feel self-satisfied, watch a movie on our own, and watch quietly in bed. Sometimes, we need a bed curtain, where we can pull the curtain to block out the outside world, cut off connection with our roommate, and create a world that belongs to only oneself to think about life.

4 A steamer is a must

When I live in the dormitory, I am often hungry, but I don’t want to eat cold snacks. We can prepare a steamer before entering school. The steamer is really a good thing because it can provide you with a very simple and rich breakfast. In the supermarket, you can buy frozen snacks, buns, steamed buns, etc., which can be heated in a steamer. Get up in the morning, put the snacks on the steamer, cook the milk tea, then wash the dishes, pack things away, change your clothes, and after about half an hour, you can have a hot breakfast! And it doesn’t delay the time to clean up. On winter mornings, I can have a hot breakfast, and I can be happy all day.

5 Lights must provide eye protection

Although the dormitory is equipped with a large ceiling lamp overhead, it often doesn’t provide enough light. It cannot cover all corners of the dormitory. When we need to study, work or play, we need plenty of light. A high-quality table lamp with eye protection is a must. We can set the desk lamp on the desk, open it when needed, choose the LED desk lamp, and save electricity.

6 Woven blanket

It will be very cold in the winter in the dormitory. Although there is air conditioning, it is often cold. At this point, we need to buy a woven blanket. You can sleep on the blanket when you are cold, and you can wear it while you watch a movie. When you don’t need it, put it on the sofa, as a beautiful blanket is also a good ornament.

7 Prepare some aromatherapy

Sometimes, there will be some smells in the dormitory, which will make you feel very uncomfortable. You can buy some scented candles, which produce a good smell, eliminate the odor, and make you and your roommates feel good.

8 A large storage cabinet

At the beginning of your stay, you will have a lot of things to buy, but the dormitory space is so big. If you have too many sundries, it will not only look very confusing but also affect the space of your roommates. You need a large storage cabinet that can be placed neatly in the cabinet and sorted. Moreover, many students have a lot of furniture that they can’t move when they move out, which has no practical value in occupying space. They can make more rational use of the storage space.

9 Ready night light

After night falls, the lights in the dormitory are turned off, but we may still need to look at some novels. It is too dark to see at night, so we can get a night light and choose some warm yellow lights. The lights are very warm and not too glaring.

10 Buy cute curtains

You can buy a cute curtain instead of using the school’s plain curtains. You can easily install two hooks, a thin curtain rod, and put the curtain rod on the hook to hang the curtain perfectly. Pull up the curtains so that the daylight will be soft, and the style of the curtains will make you feel good. 

11 Get a soft floor mat

Many times in the dormitory, we need floor mats. For example, the students next door come to the door. For example, if we suddenly want to play games, and we can only sit on the stools, we can have a floor mat or carpet on the floor, and then we don’t want to do it. Comfortably play on a soft mat instead of a cold stool. As long as you clean it on weekends, you can keep it clean.

12 More plants

If you like flowers and plants, you can raise a few pots of plants in the dormitory. In the morning, put them on the balcony to soak in the sun. You can also put them indoors. It is also a good choice to make decorations, and it can also purify the air to a certain extent, making the whole dormitory more lively.

13 DIY door signboard

Making a sign to hang on the door can be very welcoming, making the whole dormitory very hospitable; more students will want to come to your dormitory to chat with you. When you need to be busy, such as working hard or studying and don’t want to be disturbed, you can change the door sign to “Do not disturb” so that you have a comfortable personal space.

14 Hanging small wind chimes

Hang a small wind chime at the entrance of the balcony and the room. No matter what season, when a breeze blows in, the wind chimes will make a crisp ringing tone. The pleasant sound can make you feel comfortable and let you feel the happiness of life. 

15 Multicolored pillows

If you can, buy a few more pillows, put them on the bed, put them on the stools, and put them on the floor mats. Not only do you have something to lean on, but you can make your back very comfortable. You can usually hold the pillow to watch movies. When you are tired at noon, pick up your pillow and sleep on the desk for a while; that breezy, hard desktop will not affect your sleep quality, and you can rest very comfortably.

Although the dormitory of the school is not your own home, you can choose to decorate the dormitory as warm as your home. Don’t be too lazy to do it. Add some small items to make your life in the dormitory happy and full. These are 15 small suggestions, and more ideas are waiting for you to discover and implement. Start yours now!

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