How to Lower Your Carbon Footprint & Run an Eco-Friendly Business

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Negosentro | How to Lower Your Carbon Footprint & Run an Eco-Friendly Business | Far from being simply an optional consideration, working toward a more sustainable future is now fast becoming a necessity, and as such, regardless of the industry your company is based in, it’s time to become considerably more environmentally friendly. 

With that said, here’s how to lower your carbon footprint and run an eco-friendly business. 

Change to Sustainable Web Hosting

First and foremost, it would be understandable if you never considered your official website as a user of energy, but in actual fact, it could be using too much. 

Entirely more environmentally friendly ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your company’s official website include carbon offsetting, hosting other businesses using sources of renewable energies, technology specifically designed for energy efficiency, and using energy-saving equipment. 

Outsource Your Property Management Duties 

Another incredibly effective and not to mention brilliant time-saver in your quest to run a more environmentally friendly business is to consider outsourcing to an HOA property management company. Choosing such a company who are dedicated to a paperless management system and who also strive to make their own processes eco-friendly will in turn serve to lower your own company’s carbon footprint.

Just a selection of the primary benefits of choosing to outsource one or more core business functions include:

  • The ability to increase the reach of your business
  • A way to have greater control of your outgoings and associated costs
  • A much greater advantage over your industry competitors
  • A higher level of efficiency across the board
  • The ability to focus your attention on other core needs of the business 

Work with Sustainable Suppliers

There would be little point working as hard as you possibly can to make sure your business is as eco-friendly as it possibly can be if one or more elements of your supply chain are quite the opposite. 

Even as a business-to-business customer, if you’re boosting the profits of a company that fails to employ environmentally friendly processes and methods, this will negatively affect your carbon footprint. To avoid this, one hugely helpful tip would be to ensure that each company you use possesses an ISO 14001 certificate, which proves they use green methods. 

Implement the “Three R’s”

Finally, the other most important thing you can do and indeed, implement immediately throughout your business, can be summarized by the “three R’s”; Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. 

Specifically applying plastic in all its different forms, the “three R’s” rule forms the basis for anyone, whether running a company or a household, when it comes to how much energy they use. Reducing how much water, gas, and electricity your business uses on a day-to-day basis by switching off any appliances when they’re not in use is a great place to start. 

Recycling any waste products created either in a traditional office setting or else in the manufacturing warehouse section of your company, will reduce the level of toxic waste and gases released into the atmosphere. Finally, reusing items more than once will also serve to lower your company’s overall carbon footprint. 


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