How to leverage social media to grow your business

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If you have been unsure about using social media to grow your business you need to rethink your marketing strategy. Almost every person in the world has a social media account. Customers are increasingly putting their trust on brands that have a presence online than those stuck in traditional marketing mediums like print and TV.

Small businesses might find it hard raising the right amount of capital to run lengthy marketing campaigns,but social media helps them get their message across at a fraction of the cost.

Here are top reasons why you should grow your brand through social media platforms.

Advertise to the right demographic group

Unlike conventional marketing campaigns that are geared towards the mass market, social media advertising helps you target specific demographic groups. Ads can be created for segmented groups hence boosting the companies ROI. Facebook ads let users to specify which groups to target; it can be the millennials or the older generation. With an auto like for Instagram free for 1 post, you can increase your followers in a particular niche. This helps you build organic followers.

Two-way communication

It is difficult to engage with your customers when you advertise through print and media. Customers will see the ad,but you will not know their reactions. With social media, you can actively engage your customers on various issues that concern them. They can inform a company where they went wrong with a product and the changes that they need to be made. This two-way communication helps to build online trust, which is very crucial for growing brands. To make this effective, respond to customer queries as soon as they arise.

Decide the right platform

Not all social media platforms are right for your business. If you are a professional accounting firm, LinkedIn will help you more than Instagram while if you are into fashion, you can leverage on Facebook or Instagram. Do your research to uncover where your customers are spending their time and then create content focused on meeting their needs.

Personalize your messages

We all like to be valued and appreciated, and the same applies to brands when responding to comments from customers on social media. Do not just respond with a quote or link. Be humorous without offending your customers. As customers feel that you care about their needs,they will reward you with referrals. It makes it easier for them to check out the links sent.

Linking your website

When designing your website do not forget to offer social media linkages. These will help readers share and like popular blog posts on your site. This extends to your social media profiles. When creating your profile include the URL to your site. It is through this that you increase conversions.

Informative content

Great content is not for blog posts alone but extends to the kind of content on your social media pages. People love posts with images so ensure you have high-quality photos. You can use the services of a content marketer for this.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are in the in thing on social media. There more you have of them the more interaction you experience with viewers. Find hashtags that are related to your niche. It is recommended that you use an average of 11 hashtags for an Instagram post.

Try out Virtual reality

Augmented reality/virtual reality is going to change how we interact with brands. While most of the technologies are still in the development stage, companies that have invested in them will have a competitive advantage. Virtual reality is already used in the educational sector to bring to life ancient battle scenes. As a brand, you can take customer experiences to the next level by leveraging on this technology.

Using chatbots for customer care

You can respond to all messages posted on your social media pages. AI-poweredchatbots can offer that human touch when responding to customer queries. The benefit of using AI chatbots as opposed to humans is that they do not take a break and can operate 24/7. They are also devoid of harmful emotions like anger or irritation that can cause havoc to customer service. By deploying AI chatbots you can improve customer interaction across all your social media platforms at a fraction of the cost of employing humans.


If you want to grow your followers organically, then you have to be consistent with your posts. Come up with a social media calendar and choose which days you will be making posts. Your budget and goals will be the key determinant when doing this. Stick to your schedule. Followers on various social media platforms soon lose interest when you make a post and disappear for weeks. If you lack the time for regular posting employ a social media manager.

If you are starting a company and do not have the resources for lengthy marketing campaigns, then you should try out social media due to its cost-effectiveness. Setting up social media accounts should take you a few minutes,and you can immediately start telling people about your brand. However, for you to maximize your returns, you need a solid social media strategy. This will involve understanding the needs of your customers and coming up with content to meet their needs. If you are new and do not know what to do, you can always hire social media experts to help you with marketing.


In the coming years, we are going to see more brands allocating more of their budgets to social media marketing as opposed to traditional marketing platforms. Most of the world’s population owns a mobile phone. Smartphones have been instrumental in the growth of various e-commerce sites. Companies seeking to have a competitive edge are busy studying social media emerging trends to change their strategies. We are going to see videos and virtual reality take center stage when it comes to social media marketing. Large phone manufacturers have already started testing the new range of phones that will be centered on AI and augmented reality.

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