How to Keep your Cool

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Mary Rae Floresca |

Getting in the verge of anger? Find ways to keep calm and save yourself from getting fired with these simple ways to cool down.

1. Walk away

When you know you’re about to explode or meaning, retorting back to the one you hate angrily, take a pause, put your foot one step backward, literally. This gesture shows that you are letting your guard down. You may not mean to apologize right away but you are stepping back to think again. When your workmate or whoever that triggers you to be angry is still “attacking”, move away, stay professional, leave, before the bad gets worse.

2. Rant through writing

The best thing about social media is that you can rant and can let out all your emotions in the web, however the worst thing is, you can get fired. No matter how mad you are, if you make a hate post especially regarding your job or your boss, you will be risking your career. People get fired because of ranting in social media. Learn to rant through writing, whether handwritten on an old-school diary or on your MS Word. Just let it out in words in a decent way.

3. Pep talk

Not into writing? Alright, who’s your go-to person to talk to when you are down? He may be your bestfriend, your mom, or sister, go ahead, have a cup of coffee with them. They don’t need to give you advises, you just need to have a good listener. No one to talk to? Talk to yourself, no you’re not being crazy, you talk to yourself to motivate yourself on your own. Say, “I can do this”, or “I’m not going to get mad just because of this”, “this too shall pass”.

4. Is it worth it?

Think about it, is it worth your energy to get angry to the person? Is it worth it to start bickering with each other? Answer this, will it benefit you both? Or can your mistake be taken back? I guess not. Don’t waste your energy on something it is not worth it.

5. Don’t personalize

Anger Management For Dummies Cheat Sheetadvised, “Just because you didn’t get the raise you wanted or you’re on the wrong end of some company policy, it doesn’t mean that everyone is out to get you. Try to figure out how much of the issue you really own versus how much is due to outside forces.”

6. Be forgiving

One of the best things after going through a fight is reconciliation and possible opportunities. No one is perfect, we make mistakes and others make mistakes as well, but those downfalls does not define any of us. Take the opportunity to move forward and keep going. Every problem has more than 10 ways to fix it and take note that anger is never a solution.

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