How to Instill Brand Loyalty in Your Customers

7 Ways to Make a Business Memorable to Customers Brand Loyalty in Your Customers
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Negosentro | How to Instill Brand Loyalty in Your Customers | When is the last time that you picked an alternative brand over your favorite? It’s probably been quite a while. People tend to stick with brands that they know and trust. We do, in fact, stay loyal to companies that we like for reasons that have nothing to do with any one trait. Many factors combine to keep a brand present in our minds. Business owners need to learn those secrets if they want to enjoy that kind of loyalty. Here are a few core strategies that will have your customers coming back.

Call in the Experts

Let’s be honest, a lot of new startup companies are DIY ventures. That’s the great thing about being an entrepreneur; a person with drive can build a company from the ground up. However, many times the visionary dreamers and financial savants who start a business don’t have the full skill set needed to reach out to the public. Enter the customer relationship management (CRM) experts. CRM implementation involves utilizing advanced software to track relationships between customers and the business, mapping out an implementation plan to ensure a high return on investment. Let these specialists craft the right plan for your company.

Be Authentic

Consumer trust is at an all-time low these days, and why shouldn’t it be? We’re living in a postmodern age of media saturation, where trends are fleeting and promising new businesses come and go. Being a force for stability and reality in the market is critical to earning consumer loyalty. The numbers don’t lie; over 80% of customers base their loyalty to a company on its perceived authenticity. Authenticity is, of course, a subjective quality, but there are some common threads to the psychology of this. A big factor is honesty. Never lie in your advertisements or use spin doctors to cover a mistake. A savvy public is already wise to those dubious strategies, so if you mess up, fess up.

Product quality itself also ties into the idea of keeping it real. Whatever you’re selling, make sure that you do everything that you can to stand out from the rest of the market in terms of quality. Resist the urge to compete with other companies in your industry over price; this just leads to a downward spiral that drives customers right out the door no matter how great you think the deal you’re giving them is.

Reach Out Regularly

The idea behind brand loyalty is to be a constant presence in the minds of the people you’re trying to reach. Customers respond positively to responsive companies. Research shows that around 52% of customers prefer text messaging with customer support reps more than whatever alternative system of communication the company is currently using. That’s because rapid, personal interface with a company makes them feel like they matter. They should feel that way. Use text messaging to send the occasional deal or offer as well. Yet another good idea is to stay connected via events, whether online or in person as conditions permit. A consistently-updated website is also necessary as a trust builder, especially if you partner online with established influencers in your industry who are already trusted by the public.

Have a Company Vision

Having a vision that people can get behind goes far beyond the stuff you wrote in the business plan when you incorporated. It goes to the core of your ethics, values and vision for the future. Vision is fundamentally about purpose and describing the positive contributions your company can bring. A recent Glassdoor survey showed that over half of prospective employees consider culture more important than salary when applying for a job. Imagine their thought processes when making a purchase. People also respond especially well to businesses that are open about the good deeds that they do. It’s called the Noble Edge Effect, and will help you stand out as honorable in a world where that quality can be all too rare.

Becoming the go-to brand for your market is a long process of earning their trust by deserving their trust. By implementing a few of these cutting-edge tactics, you’ll nurture your customer base and keep your business growing.

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