How to Improve Your Business’ Social Media Marketing

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woman-smartphone-girl-technology | Running a business today is largely done online. With an increasing number of customers using social media to connect with the brands that mean the most to them, social media marketing is becoming an increasingly more vital part of building a brand. Without a social media presence and engagement across platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, it can be difficult for business owners to really connect with their customers and build up good relationships. We’ve put together some of the main rules to stick to when you use social media for marketing your brand.

Sharable Content

When it comes to the content that your company shares on social media, it’s important that it’s engaging and interesting. In other words, you need to be posting ‘shareable’ content via social media that your viewers will want their friends and family members to see. At all costs, you should avoid ‘click bait’ and sensational content titles that lead to articles that don’t quite match up to expectations. When it comes to the kind of content that you share on social media, it’s important to think about quality rather than quantity!


One of the biggest mistakes made by many business owners is to believe that all you need to do is create an account on the platforms of your choice. However, there is so much more to social media marketing than simply being present on social media sites. When using sites such as Facebook or Twitter to promote your brand, it’s vital that you take full advantage of all the features available to interact with and build relationships with your customers. PR in the digital age means replying to comments, using instant messenger, or even simply ‘liking’ customer reviews!

Keep Up with Trends

When using social media for business, you will be faced with constant new trends that you should always try to get involved in. For example, popular social media trends such as Facebook Live Video should definitely not be ignored, as this can be a very powerful way of generating interest in your customers and providing them with something unique and different to watch whilst browsing through their social media feed.

Video Marketing

Last but not least, video marketing is one of the most effective ways to spread the word on social media. Video is a hugely powerful medium that has been used in advertising for years, however, today there’s no need for brand owners to pay for expensive TV adverts as short social media videos can do the trick just as well, if not even better! With modern smartphones able to create video in minutes and free editing software available, even a business with the smallest of budgets can start using video marketing on their social media accounts.

As a business owner, social media should be playing a hugely important part in your company. Social media has the power to inspire and engage your customers, and these are just some of the best ways to harness this.

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