How to Improve Security System of Schools

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Source: | How to Improve Security System of Schools | It’s a sad fact of life that security breaches at schools are becoming ever-more commonplace. It’s not just the horrific shootings that we read about in the press, but incidents where estranged parents try and take a child, and even people brazenly entering a school during the day and stealing things. There was a time when a school was an open building, but that’s no longer a safe option. No matter where a school is, and how safe it may appear to be, the need for security is greater than ever, and that means having the very latest systems in place.

A school will likely have a CCTV system covering the entrances and other possible points of entry. This is a great idea, but in truth, it’s simply a starting point. It will deter some people, but there have been many instances in which someone has simply wandered past the security cameras, or has checked the place over and found a blind spot. Alarms are also a great idea, but they are activated when somebody has already got to a place they are not meant to be, and are most useful when the school is not in use. So, what’s the answer? Up to the minute security access control systems, which are the very latest in school security systems.

What is an Access Control System?

Before we go on to explain these very clever systems, it’s worth remembering this: no security system, no matter how sophisticated, is ever 100% effective. If someone wants to get into a premises badly enough, they will find a way to do so. What an access control system does – in addition to the functions we are about to describe – is act as an additional deterrent. Just as a thief will avoid trying to break into your home if there is one with weaker security nearby, so they will be put off trying to get into a school that has access control.

Starting with the basics, an access control system is an electronic system involving secure locking on all doors and other possible points of entry, which can be controlled remotely. If there is a breach, a central control board will indicate immediately where it is. This allows the controller to pinpoint the problem far more easily than without such a system, or with CCTV. The system allows entry either by an individual opening the door on request or by special codes or even a swipe card, but the latter may be less secure due to theft and sharing. 

What Other Benefits are There?

The major benefit of an access control system of this type is the combined peace of mind it offers those in the building, coupled with the fact that anyone trying to enter the premises without permission will be spotted and identified easily. There are many reasons why controlling access to schools is now a necessity, and remember there is sensitive material in schools that can also be protected by access control.

Sone of the best systems can allow for access to school records – including personal details of both pupils and staff, exam results, school reports and more – to be accessible only by certain persons, which is further comfort for those involved.

There’s no reason why any school should be left vulnerable these days and while an up to date access control system will cost money to implement, it may not be as expensive as you expect. Have a close look at the available systems right now and see how you can make your school premises safer than every before.


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