How to Find the IP Address of Your Network?

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IP address stands for Internet Protocol address which is available for all computers, routers, and other devices connected in the network. It helps every user to manage the devices in the network. The logical existence of the computer or router is only verified with the node location on the IP networks. You can simply find your network IP address by following these simple steps. Before going to know how to find the network ip address, first of all you need to know about two common network IP addresses such as and – It is a default internet protocol address for some types of routers used in the network. Those routers are Cisco brand routers which can be accessed through the path from your web browser. This ip address is sometimes called as the default gateway address to represent the connection of router to the internet. – It is the most common internet protocol address used by many routers as their default gateway address. Some of the device manufacturers are using this ip for managing their network set up or build a wireless network.

Finding IP address of the private network:

When you comprise a public or private network with the work stations and servers, they are actually assigned dynamic and static internet protocol addresses. The network IP addressesare assigned as the static addresses by the reason of the NAT or for the public network access, and the dynamic internet protocol addresses through the DHCP. The network owners have even the best record of such assigned ip addresses, there are more times if you wish to discover all those internet protocol addresses of the devices connected in the network. Here are the suggested procedures to find the internet protocol addresses of your networked devices.

  1. When you are accessing your networked router, you can connect to this device and discover the internet protocol address of all devices connected in the network. You router will display the dynamic and static client lists with the IP addresses, host names, and Mac addresses of the devices in network connection.
  2. You can also able to try the ping command for finding the ip address of your network. Pinging a network from the computer in network connection will be very simple to discover an appropriate ip address by looking up the arp table. In your system, you need to follow this path. Start – > run – > type this cmd command and hit Enter key.

Once the command prompt opened on your screen, you can type ipconfig command to find the address of your network. You have to perform the logic AND operation in order to find the network ip address. It should be done on your subnet mask and ip address.

  1. The network users can also use this netstat –r command in order to find the internet protocol address of your every network device. Although if you have any problem with any device connected in your network for communicating with the devices connected in other networks, thus it is not possible for finding the network IP address by using this netstat command.

Different roles of network IP address:

IP address is generally the binary number which uniquely finds the computers and some other devices connected on the TCP/IP network. It has various roles in your network and also other devices. Some of those roles of network IP address are listed here.

  • IP address of the network will not help generating the traffic to reach the original end user who is in the connection with this address.
  • Any kind of communication between the nodes is well done only with the help of the network ip addresses. They usually appear as the notations which are easily readable but usually the internet protocol address is the binary numbers.
  • It is only used within the local networks without giving permission to the outside users for accessing the particular ip address you are already using for your private computer or any other device.
  • Every computer or device connected in the network is found with the matchless address that can easily function as the private ip address of the local area network convention.
  • IP address is the 32 bit IPv4 which is still used by many network owners worldwide. This 32 bit binary number makes four bytes and every bit will store one dual number selected between 0 and 1.
  • A lot of devices and computer manufacturers now came up with the novice addressing system known as 128 bit IPv6. It just looks like the ip version 4 address but it basically contains 16 numbers between 0 and 255.
  • The part of the internet protocol address in the wireless network is actually looked during the pinging action done by the administrators.

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