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Negosentro| How to Estimate My Car Insurance Cost Before Buying a Car – Intro |If you are from the Philippines, you may consider buying a vehicle as an expensive luxury that only a few families can afford.

Purchasing a car is a privilege that should not be taken for granted because not everyone can afford to buy a car. Before you go ahead strolling around in a car, getting a car license is a must. Getting a car license is just as simple as getting a motorbike license and is also not an expensive option. This will ensure that the stressful commuting is much more comfortable.

Reading car reviews is also essential when buying a new vehicle. For someone who has little knowledge about automobiles, reading reviews and articles online is a must before purchasing. In this way, you can know if the vehicle features are perfect for you and if others who bought the car are having a pleasant experience with the vehicle.

The features and looks of the car are not the only essential qualities that you should look for. You should also inspect the car’s durability and safety features. You are buying a vehicle so that you can be safe and comfortable.

Checking the car for yourself can make sure that your choice brings the most convenience for you.

Commuting in the Philippines can be quite the challenge, especially when public transportations are full, and people are running late to where they should be. For some, getting their own vehicle can be the solution to this problem. However, buying a car isn’t that easy.Purchasing an automobile isn’t just about choosing the brand, the model, vehicle type, or color. There are more critical decisions to make, including financial decisions.

A car is already expensive, and owning one entails other responsibilities requiring money such as registration, maintenance, repairs, upgrades (if you’re looking into customizing your vehicle in the future), and insurance. Every vehicle owner is bound by the limit of expenses they can make.

Investing in a personal vehicle can be quite the achievement, especially for people who have been saving up for quite some time. Still, they have to make sure they are financially protected when problems arise.

Some motorists may overlook getting insurance. However, in the Philippines, it is required by law to buy insurance before owners can drive their vehicles.

While one can follow traffic rules responsibly, drivers must keep in mind that they’re

not the only ones on the road. Pedestrians, cyclists, and other motorists share the streets with them.

Getting a Compulsory Third-Party Liability (CPTL) insurance is mandatory under the Philippines’ Land Transportation Office (LTO).

It is a basic insurance plan that protects against possible liabilities to third parties, excluding the vehicle owner’s family, household members, and passengers.

However, this policy may not be enough for vehicle owners who want to insure themselves from personal injuries acquired in accidents, and other incidents like theft or damages from natural causes. They don’t want to spend more at the loss or damage of their vehicles.
Several factors contribute to the total amount an insurance policy can cost, and automobile owners have the right to select the inclusions relevant to them.

Getting car insurance in Cubao can be quite the responsibility for the Metro Manila traveler, but it doesn’t have to be a hassle. Car insurance comparison sites like can help any vehicle owner decide on the right insurance they should buy.

By leveraging the internet’s capacity, gives consumers access to unb

iased quotations from leading car insurance companies in the industry.

If you don’t know where to start when estimating insurance costs, take a look at this infographic to help you before making a car purchase. To have better budgeting, it is essential if you know how to estimate the insurance cover you are going to pay for after having car insurance.


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