How to effectively sell on Instagram

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By Mary Rae Floresca | |

In today’s selling strategy, opening several stores doesn’t work anymore. Its effect is gaining overhead cost which is what every entrepreneur is steering away from. Social media obviously became a channel on selling products and services. Here are a few tips to follow when you’re planning to start your business online, especially on Instagram.

1. Best gadgets.
Just like taking a selfie, you want the highest specs of the camera to make you look good, in showcasing your products online, you also want to a handy camera or cameraphone that takes good photos of your product. Do not rely on Instagram’s various filters, rely on good lighting and a good gadget. Basic photography is a must.

2. Policy Posts.
Clarify the policies on how to order your products. You may also make a separate link on how to order or the FAQs of customers. Be patient on this, because your followers can be persistent in asking, or message you directly. Make some posts from time to time about your rules.

3. Showcasing your products.
Remember that you’re not sharing your products to your family and friends and get likes, showcasing means presenting your products in a more attractive way such as show examples on how to use the product. If your products are clothes, best if you have a model, get inspirations on magazines.

4. Captions and details.
One of the frequently asked questions of customers is the price, size, color, availability and other factors that a customer wants to see in the caption. It depends on what you are selling, if clothes, best to indicate the sizes available. Write descriptions like “available now!”, “Authentic”, “limited stocks available”, any saying that makes the customer buy immediately. Sarah Jane Cagara of Sexyin10days online shop owner added, “You also need to come up with good pricing, you have to be consistent with your price. And of course, as much as possible, have a lower price than those online sellers.”


5. Collaborations.
Most brands in the market are not only getting actors/actresses as endorsers of their products, it can be freelance bloggers, “influencers” or even “Youtubers”. Online shops sometimes send some products to them and it will be featured on their websites, or videos. Pick “influencers” that has a lot of followers and subscribers, with their honest and candid opinions, their followers tend to really believe them and they buy what the feature. Another way to collaborate is to be a sponsor in an event, if you’re selling make-up, partner with Make-up and Hairstyle workshops. Put your name out there, networking is important.

6. Engagement.
Do not fill your Instagram wall with products you are selling. You may post a simple “good morning” greeting post and caption like, “what are you up to today?”. Or if it’s a holiday, a nice greeting even just a regram is a way to be more connected to your followers. It’s a personal approach that makes your customers feel more engaged with your business. It’s a way also to say “hey, I’m not just selling, I care about how my customers are doing”.

7. Post Feedbacks.
Customers tend to be skeptic on products being sold online, especially those that are not commonly sold in drugstores and malls. “Its as important as personally conversing with a real client, face to face. This is your way of convincing people that your product works”, Sarah Jane Cagara of Sexyin10days online shop owner advised.

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