How To Earn Extra Money During the Holidays

Using Christmas Decorations How-To-Earn-Extra-Money-During-the-Holidays, earning-a-little-extra-during-Holidays, earning-money-during-Christmas-season

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Thinking on where to get money for a short holiday trip? Or gift-giving to your loved ones? Here are a few ways on how to earn extra money during the Holidays.

1. Offer gift wrapping services

You’ve probably learned how to do gift wrapping in art classes when you were still studying. Did you like it? If arts and crafts is your forte, don’t hesitate to advertise yourself to friends or relatives who needs gift wrapping services for Christmas gifts. Show how special your skills are and not just a simple gift wrapping presentation by common department stores.

2. Buy and sell products

How-To-Earn-Extra-Money-During-the-Holidays, earning-a-little-extra-during-Holidays, earning-money-during-Christmas-season

Christmas is all about gift giving. Try to find products online or in the market that you know you can resell with a better deal. For example, cosmetics, buy in bulk then sell it as a set with a better packaging so it’s not like customers just bought over the counter.

3. Be a personal shopper

When you don’t mind scouring for best products to buy, why not be a personal shopper? Head over to the mall or as early as now, sign up for newsletters to be the first to know when new stocks are in. Find clients who doesn’t have the luxury of time to search for the best gifts for their loved ones. This is job is pretty popular in the US, try it here in the Philippines.

4.Greeting cards business

How-To-Earn-Extra-Money-During-the-Holidays, earning-a-little-extra-during-Holidays, earning-money-during-Christmas-season

Are you good in copy writing? Try to make personalized holiday greeting cards in your own words. There are thousands of cards out there, try to be more creative. If you are into calligraphy, then you have a personal touch on the cards already. Sell your greeting cards online. Or make e-cards and sell it online too.

5. Sell your baked and cooked products

Master chef or not, as long as what you whip up in the kitchen is clean and delicious, that can sell. Specialize on baked goods with a holiday touch like the classic fruit cake and food for the gods. Cupcakes? Use the popular Christmas colors for designing it.

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