How to Drive Sales & Traffic from Youtube  

Best Explainer Series on YouTube for Geeks How to Drive Sales & Traffic from Youtube  

How to Drive Sales & Traffic from Youtube | As video becomes more and more vital to your digital marketing strategy, creating a YouTube channel seems to be an obvious necessity. However, most businesses do not know how to properly use their YouTube channel to increase traffic, generate leads, and increase sales. YouTube is now the second-largest search engine in the world, second only to Google. Since Google owns YouTube, if optimized properly, your YouTube channel will get good organic search results on Google, which will translate into more traffic on YouTube. As mobile devices continue to make watching videos easier, 35% of online activities are video content. The most important thing for digital marketers is that 75% of users visit the website after watching a video. YouTube is a social media platform and should be an integral part of your social media marketing strategy. Like other platforms, publishing relevant content regularly can help increase brand awareness, improve search results, and increase website traffic. 

Are you using YouTube correctly? Whether you are just starting to create your own YouTube channel or an experienced professional, you may want to know how to increase views and subscribers. Here are some of the best ways to drive traffic to your channel, increase engagement on Youtube and start encouraging more viewers to click the subscribe button. 

#1. Do not underestimate the power of keywords. 

If you want to bring people to your channel organically, keyword-rich titles and descriptions are essential. Consider using keyword research tools to find relevant keywords that are likely to generate the most clicks for you. Keywords should be used in the video title and description and should always be relevant to the content. YouTube and Google search algorithms use keywords to identify the subject of your video and rank your video when someone searches for a specific keyword.

#2. Optimize your video. 

You want people to find your videos easily. If you are familiar with SEO, optimizing your video should not be a big deal. You have done this before. Focus on video titles, tags, descriptions, and thumbnails. Your headline should solve a problem your users are experiencing. 10-12 is a good goal when it comes to hashtags. Choose keywords related to the topic of the video. The description is a bit complicated. There is no precise formula to create a great caption; however, you should not fill it with exact matching keywords or make it too long. Finally, create an eye-catching thumbnail. That will take a while to get right, so don’t be afraid to experiment with text overlays, different types of images, and color schemes. Keep in mind that many people decide to watch videos based only on thumbnails, so the effort is required in this step.

#3. Keep the style of the video consistent

Keeping the custom thumbnails consistent with the brand is a good start. But it should be consistent in terms of load time, video length, and niche. Overall consistency will only help build more followers. And this work is as concise and valuable as possible. If you upload one video this week, upload five next, and then wait another two months to publish it, you will slowly start to lose appeal. Keep people interested and come back for more. If they are inconsistent, inconsistent traffic may occur. Start with the optimal loading time and many days. Video length is another vital factor in generating more sales through YouTube. Depending on your market segment, you want to keep the length of the video the same.

#4. Create an active community

Treat your YouTube channel as the video part of your social media strategy. Your business uses Twitter, Linked In, and other networks to interact with customers, answer questions, and provide solutions. Your YouTube channel should offer the same level of engagement or even more. By providing the correct type of content and optimizing your channel for the right keywords, you will increase your channel’s subscribers, comments, and likes. Participating in social media is the best way to develop an engaging advertising strategy. Using tools such as monitoring and unified social inboxes, your team can easily access all social media platforms and notifications from one screen. That allows you to respond to comments and likes. Best Sites To Buy Youtube Subscribers will help you grow your Youtube community from the start. Interact with your followers on other social networks to drive traffic to new videos and your channel.

#5. Promote and Improve

Make sure to promote your video across the entire range of numbers. Share it to your social media, blogs, email newsletters, and website. You can even send it to influencers who can share it with your network on their channel. After distributing the content to the public, analyze your traffic metrics and find out which channel generates the most traffic and engagement. That will help you understand the online location of your target audience and where you should focus your marketing. And analyze which content works best. If your video is performing well, please spend some money on advertising to attract a wider audience and potential new subscribers. Check out some of the best content creators in your industry. Follow their content, see which content fits your channel, and imitate their content. 


With these tips for optimizing your YouTube channel, you can now use the power of YouTube video marketing to drive online sales and conversions. Remember, your brand has a story to tell. Video is a powerful way to tell this story quickly and truthfully. Using the power of YouTube and video marketing to increase traffic, you can show more information to current and potential customers in a shorter period and convert traffic into sales.

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