How To Develop and Maintain a Sharper Mind

How To Develop and Maintain a Sharper Mind What You Need to Know to Prepare Your Child Ready for College
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How To Develop and Maintain a Sharper Mind | Cognitive training is just as beneficial to the human brain as physical activity is for the body. Having a sharp mind can help in every aspect of your life. It means you can think on your feet, and it can enhance your creativity. Keeping your mind sharp can help ward off degenerative mental concerns such as Alzheimer’s disease. Feed and challenge your mind daily with these simple ideas.

Take Time To Read Every Day

Reading is a great, easy way to sharpen your mental acuity. It’s convenient, and it can be fun and relaxing. Whether reading for knowledge or pure enjoyment, it exercises your mind. Therefore, you should make it a point to read some every day. 

Regularly Write By Hand

Research has shown people who write information down by hand better understand and retain the information. It can also help improve the comprehension of the subject. 

Focus On How Things Work, Not Only the Outcomes

When you focus on understanding how things work, it can help your mental sharpness more than just focusing on the results of the process. Learning as much as possible about different things can help you sharpen your mind and figure out how to handle various situations as they occur. 

Play Mentally Stimulating Games

Mentally stimulating games like crossword puzzles, chess, solitaire, sudoku and checkers can help you exercise your mind as you develop different solutions to help you win the game. It’s a great way to reduce boredom and stress while improving your cognitive ability. Problem-solving games can also help you with real-life problem-solving skills so that you’re able to anticipate what’s to come, plan, and improvise a solution when things go unexpectedly. 

Generate at Least 10 New Ideas Every Day

Creativity is a sign of a sharp mind. Creative people are good at coming up with new ideas in whatever form they’re talented, whether painting, music or writing. You need to practice thinking creatively to improve, so try to think of 10 new ideas every day to keep your mind active. The point is to vary how your mind works regularly, so it doesn’t matter what type of ideas you conceive as much as the importance of generating new ones. 

Learn To Say “No”

Many, if not most, people feel uncomfortable saying “no” to favors and think that a negative response requires a justification. You may not realize it, but learning to be comfortable telling people “no” can help your mental sharpness. You can determine what is best for you and decide how much time you want to devote to other interests and how much you want to dedicate to improving yourself. 

Learn To Be a Stand-Up Comedian

Stand-up comedy looks like all fun and games, but it’s actually more challenging than you might think. It takes skills like being creative, improvisation, knowing how to time the punchlines and reading people’s reactions. As you practice and get better at your quick wit, you’ll also be boosting your mental sharpness.

Consume Food That Enhances Mental Clarity

Your whole body needs nourishment and nutrition to maintain optimal health; this includes your brain. There are some brain-friendly foods to consistently include in your diet that will help boost your cognitive health. For example, salmon, leafy vegetables, berries, beans and olive oil are just a few excellent foods for brain health. These foods are packed with B vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants.


Being physically active is great for your whole body. Every part of your body is intertwined, so your mind is likely to be sharper when your body is healthy. Working out can help you clear your mind and mitigate stress and anxiety. Studies have found dancing to be one of the most helpful physical activities to minimize cognitive decline. 

Developing and maintaining mental sharpness can be relatively easy. It’s certainly worth the time and effort to live a healthier, happier life filled with many different exciting experiences. 

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