How to Deal With a Loose or a Fallen Crown

How to Deal With a Loose or a Fallen Crown | How to Deal With a Loose or a Fallen Crown | Dental crowns are a good option to repair and strengthen teeth that may have been destroyed by decay or other factors. While crowns are designed to offer long-term solutions, sometimes they can become loose or fallout even with proper oral care. Fortunately, all is not wasted; you can still put in place the crown upon contacting an expert to reattach the crown or replace it professionally. Whether your crown has fallen out or is just loose, here is what you can do as you wait for your doctor’s expert care.

Retrieve the Crown

Even from the simplest thing as biting into crunchy food, a crown can become loose or fall out. the first thing you do is carefully get it out of the mouth to avoid dropping it or swallowing it. If you swallow it accidentally, there is no cause of alarm as you are not in much danger, only that the crown has to be replaced. If the crown falls out and is lost, you can protect the tooth’s surface with a block of dental cement until your dentist can repair it. But if you have the crown, handle it with care and inspect it carefully. Also, inspect the tooth area it was attached to observe its state.

Call Your Dentist Immediately

You might retrieve the crown, but it would not be good to take the matter into your own hands without expert advice. Although it is not a real dental emergency, it is good to know exactly what you should do with the crown to avoid further complications. You will understand what to do and how to care for the tooth and crown until they are replaced. Be keen to follow your doctor’s advice strictly as your teeth will probably be sensitive and weak.

Clean the Crown

The crown will probably have some food particles, old cement, or other materials attached once retrieved. If you can, use a brush, dental floss, or toothpick to remove these materials and rinse them with cold water. If the cement is hard to remove, you can use a paperclip to remove the excess cement. Be careful when cleaning the crown in a sink to avoid dropping it accidentally down the drain. You can plug the sink first, and then you will be able to clean it properly.

Clean the Tooth

While the tooth might be a little sensitive, it would be best if you cleaned it before trying to insert the crown back in. Use a toothbrush and dental floss to gently clean around the tooth and floss on both sides until satisfied. Use sterile gauze to gently dry the tooth area and the crown before you attempt to put the crown back in place.

Temporarily Fix the Crown

When you attempt to fix the crown back to the tooth, do it first without an adhesive to ensure you can put it back in place. Note that the crown is designed to fit the tooth, and you can turn it another way if it does not fit one way. If it does not fit without cement, do not attempt to put it with the adhesive. Just book an appointment with your dentist. But if it fits, you can add the adhesive to fix the crown temporarily as you wait to see your dentist. However, you have to be wary about how and what you bite, chew, drink, and eat.

Reach out to SEDA Dental today if you have complications with your crown to have them expertly placed. Also, you can book your initial dental crown appointment to learn how you can benefit from the treatment. 

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