How to Convert Visitors Into Buyers

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One of the most frustrating aspects of starting or running your own business, especially online, is making your first sales. When it comes to online entrepreneurship and website building, converting visitors into customers can seem like an uphill battle. In the beginning, even getting what few visitors you do receive is a difficult task. How on Earth will you draw and convert enough traffic to make some sort of income? The following are some of the best tips and tricks to convert visitors into buyers and kickstart your online success.

  1. Utilizing Social Media Right

Social media isn’t only a tool for product promotion. Over 50% of all B2B marketers find leads on social media and 40% of those actually earned revenue from their leads. Planning an effective social media campaign is the key to converting social media engagement into potential cash. You must compel your social media followers to take action. Online consumers are always searching for the best deals and freebies. Give them exactly what they want. Integrate promotional codes and giveaways into your social media content and interactions. Special deals will entice people to make faster buying decisions. Offering exclusive social media discounts and promotional deals is a great method of converting visitors into buyers.

  1. Setting Standards with Lead Magnets

In addition to social media deals, great lead magnet promotions is another effective technique for converting visitors to sales. Generating lead magnets not only forces leads through your drip campaign, but also exhibits your brand authority as well. There are multitudes of tools available for lead generation. Get rid of all the typical free ebooks and PDFs. In order to generate lead prospects, you’ll need to implement self-assessments and interactive content. Likewise, clickfunnels upsell to potential customers, helping them make quick decisions to click a link or buy a product.

  1. Capturing Lead Information

By using technology like slideshares, proper presentation has become an opportune entry point for potential leads. Adding interactive forms to presentations beckons visitors to provide you with their personal data. Often, autofill options allow users to automatically fill your forms using their various social media accounts. In a matter of seconds, marketers will receive all the information they need to help generate leads that will convert visitors into buyers.

  1. Provide Exceptional Customer Support

No one likes dealing with faulty, automated customer support bots or outsourced employees who know hardly anything about the products or services they’re trying to get help with. Providing customers or visitors with excellent customer service will make them more likely to interact with your business in the future. Customer service lets your customers know that your business actually cares about their experience. This builds trust and a feeling of community amongst potential buyers and your brand.

  1. Show Your Statistics

Customers trust and rely on the experiences of other users far more than information provided by a company or business, itself. Harbor this trust by displaying case studies, testimonials and social proof of customer happiness right on your website. This tried-and-true and time-tested method of converting visitors to buyers will also promote that feeling of community amongst buyers. Collect reviews from your customers and promote them somewhere on your website’s front page. Take these efforts a step further by asking customers to create testimonial videos, making sure to highlight any high-profile customers. Customers want to be confident that they are making the right choice by investing time and money into your brand, by buying the products or services your business provides. Help them feel comfortable about their decisions by showing them what others might have said about their own decisions to buy.

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