How to Clean your Work Space


By Nadj Villaver | | How to Clean your Work Space | Be it your office in a corporate building or your private work space, cleanliness must be maintained. Admit it or not, it’s easier to think fresh ideas when you are surrounded with a positive aura. That’s why dirt and other allergens are not welcome when you’re working.

Here are some tips in cleaning your work space:

1) Declutter your desk

First, evaluate which items on your desk do you really. Remove unnecessary items on your desk because the more items on your desk, the more dirt you’re inviting. You can use storage organizers to minimize the space used on your desk. Check also your drawer. Sometimes you tend to place items inside your drawer to remove them out of your sight. However, the more items, the more dirt you’re inviting in your desk.

2) Empty the trash bins regularly

If you have individual trash bins under your desk, make sure you or the person-in-charge to empty the bin regularly. This will ensure that dust or rat mites will not grow under your desk.

3) Clean spills away

Liquid spills are unavoidable especially if you love drinking coffee or drinks to help you beat the job. If you accidentally spilled drinks on your desk, make sure to wipe it right away. As much as possible don’t let spills soak into your carpet (if you have one) and let it dry because it will be much harder to remove the residue. If your carpet have residue already, make sure to follow the next step.

4) Invest in a good vacuum

Because traditional cleaning using a broom stick will not really remove the dust mites around your office, it’s highly recommended to use a vacuum cleaner. Cleaning the office requires heavy duty vacuum cleaners. Make sure it really sucks the dirt and not just let it fly back into the air. It’s also an advantage if there are attachments so you can easily clean walls and carpets.

Tip: One of the innovations in cleaning technology is Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner. It uses the world’s most advanced filtration system that maintains constant airflow. Unlike typical vacuum cleaners, Rainbow delivers the same powerful cleaning performance each and every time you use it with its 3-step filter process. Plus it comes with the Upholstery Tool that’s great for cleaning sofas, chairs and other home furnishings. It’s also great for gently cleaning clothing and outerwear – including wool, fur coats and delicate fabrics.

5) Establish a regular cleaning schedule

There are tons of allergens thriving in the office every day. It’s best to establish a regular cleaning schedule so you can prevent health problems.

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