How to choose the best climate controlled storage unit for yourself

best climate controlled storage unit

Climate controlled storage units have become highly popular in the past couple of years. Though traditional storages are still popular, climate controlled storages still allow individuals to store all the items that would get damaged by extreme cold or heat. When it comes to choosing a good climate storage company, it is important that you remember that money is not everything. There are many other things you should be mindful of. Here’s a list we would definitely suggest you follow when it comes to picking a climate controlled storage unit.


  • Plan what you are going to add in them


First thing, you should think about what kind of items you want to add to the storage system. If the items you are picking are expensive, whether it is financially or even sentimentally, it is important that you will do all things within your own power to stay in good condition. Climate controlled storage is one of the best ways to ensure that you stay in the best conditions possible. However, before you make any of this final decision, it’s important that you go through all the steps needed to make sure your choice is a good one. When you are renting a climate control storage unit, it can get distracted from all the boring parts of choosing the right storage company that could actually lead to some serious trouble.

  1. The lease agreement should be checked

Before you choose a climate controlled storage company, first check the lease agreement properly. If you want, you can also take the agreement back home or read it thoroughly at the office, whenever you have enough time. Most of the reputed companies won’t object when you do something like this. However, you should avoid reading lease agreements in the storage offices with the staff as well. Many of the staff members give the whole thing a good overview of what the contract says. This will be based on what has been told by all the others and not something that is based on what they had to read themselves.

  1. Make the staff members go through it too

Even when it comes to the staff members, make sure to make them go through it. You could read the lease agreement with them without any rush. Reading this agreement at your own convenience within the four walls of your room or even reading it at work will help you save a whole lot additional cost and give you the chance to discuss all the clauses that are confusing with the staff members. However, you should remember that most of these lease agreements have been designed I such a way that it will protect the company when it comes to offering those clients immense protection in order to encourage all of them. Trust us when we say this, this is the best piece of advice you can take from us.

  1. Keep the extra fees in mind

One more thing you should definitely keep in mind when it comes to picking a climate controlled storage company is the extra fees that are charged only towards those who rent these units in climate controlled facilities. This feels are often called utility feels are known as light and electricity. Electricity fees can be charged to help cover all of the fees which can be accrued by keeping the humidity and temperature constant within the unit. You should also use this tip when it comes to picking a climate controlled storage units Winter Park.

  1. Check if there are any discounts available

Check out if there are any discounted services available when it comes to climate controlled storage companies. These services are generally promotions that have been designed to attract all the new customers that are around shopping based on the prices. Most of the promotions will offer a good month of usage, at a very low storage cost for the first few months. So make sure to take advantage of that. Others will also offer free usage of moving all the vans to pick up expensive belongings to move them around in the storage system. This will cover up the extra fees later.

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