How to Choose a Car Accident Lawyer: 5 Things to Look For

How to Choose a Car Accident Lawyer: 5 Things to Look For Non-Owner Car insurance Uber and Lyft Accidents Car Accident Lawyer

Negosentro | How to Choose a Car Accident Lawyer: 5 Things to Look For | For many people, finding the right car accident lawyer can be a stressful process. In 2022, though, it no longer has to be this way. 

Whether you, a close family member, or a friend have been in a car accident, you might currently be wracking your brains to find a solution – especially if the accident wasn’t your fault! Usually, the first step that people take is finding a car accident attorney to fight the case for them. After all, it’s only right to seek justice and a financial settlement. 

The slightly confusing part about all of this is that Google is home to thousands of different legal representatives to choose from. A quick Google search has probably already confirmed this to you. 

This raises an important question: what makes a good car accident lawyer? 

In total, here are 5 key things to look for. 


  • A specialty in car accidents


Before checking for anything else, you need to find a personal injury lawyer that specializes in car accident cases. Once this box is ticked, you’re off to a good start. 

In California, is an excellent law firm with a history of settling hundreds of different car-related claims on behalf of their clients. This is the type of law practice that you should be looking to use. 


  • For consultations, they come to you 


After being in a nasty car accident, the last thing you’ll want to do is get back on the road to travel and meet different potential legal representatives, especially if you have injuries. Instead, you’ll naturally want them to come to you. 

Thankfully, most law practices now understand that this is what potential clients want, which is why they will drive to meet you at your home, a hotel, or even a local coffee shop – it’s entirely personal preference!


  • No win, no fee 


‘No win, no fee’. It’s one of the most popular phrases in the legal world and has essentially become an industry standard. Nobody wants to pay thousands of dollars in legal fees only for their case to lose, right? Therefore, with a ‘no win, no fee’ policy in place, it gives clients peace of mind that even if it goes wrong, they won’t face a heavy legal bill. 


  • Excellent online reviews


In the modern age, clients and customers are never afraid to speak their minds online. This is great news, as it makes it incredibly easy to read reviews posted about different car accident lawyers. 

If reviews are overwhelmingly good (“I was in a car accident, and this law firm ensured I received a huge pay-out”), then it’s a strong indicator that they can be trusted. 

However, if reviews are shady and highlight potential red flags, then it’s a sign you should look at other legal representatives instead. 


  • A proven track record 


Finally, a car accident lawyer should have a proven track record over a number of years. If they have a case success rate of anything above 90%, then this is considered an excellent record in the industry. Once you’ve been provided with evidence of a track record, you can choose them as your legal representative. 

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