How to Change Careers Successfully in 2020

How to Change Careers Successfully in 2020-Negosentro

Negosentro|How to Change Careers Successfully in 2020|A mid-life crisis can take many shapes and forms, and for some, it won’t come in the form of a shiny new car. Instead, some people will realize that they don’t love their career, and in order to finally get their life on the right track, they need to leave the job they don’t love to find a career that’s perfect for them. If you love cars and are incredibly passionate about them, then you need to work in the auto industry. With so many different roles, you can easily translate your skills into this new industry and start to enjoy every workday here on out. 

Changing careers later in life is scary, but it is very doable, especially if you follow this guide: 

Know Which Industry You Want to Get Into 

There is an infinite number of roles needed in any industry to make it work. A marketer with a passion for cars can easily go on to become a car trader, for example. The skills are similar, and your enthusiasm for the industry makes you a great fit. Your lack of experience in similar working environments might work against you, but persevere and don’t be afraid to take a few steps back down the career ladder to get into the industry that is right for you. 

The reason why you shouldn’t be worried about backtracking is that this is what it takes to get your foot in the door. Prove yourself as you know you can, and you will rocket back up through the ranks. 

Learn the Requirements Necessary 

Are There Any Formal Requirements? 

Most industries won’t have formal requirements, but if there are, then achieving these beforehand is a must. Even if there aren’t formal requirements, being certified can help you secure a new position. Many computer software now have certifications you can achieve that will let employers know that you have what it takes. 

How Can You Use Your Experience in Your Favor? 

You know a lot, even if you are going into a new industry. You know how to deal with customers and how to market items, and these skills are transferable. Simply learn how you can better market these transferable skills to best align with the industry you want to get involved in. 

Dip Your Toe Into the Industry
Networking is always going to help you get your dream job, so start by dipping your toe into the industry. 

Events, Workshops, or Conferences 

Attend any event, talk, workshop, or conference in the industry that you want to get into and get to know the people there. You might get a job offer from one of these people, and at the very least, you will learn more about your dream job and options in the industry. 

Use Your Existing Connections 

If you already know someone in that industry, then get in touch with them about it. Seek out advice or even see if they have any openings. 

Consider Starting Your Own Business or Consultancy 

If what you do is specialized, then consider starting your own business or consultancy and focus your marketing efforts towards the industry you want to work in. There will be a steep learning curve, yes, but if companies aren’t biting, then take matters into your own hands. 

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