How To Build Successful Social Media Marketing Strategies for Your Health and Fitness Products

How To Build Successful Social Media Marketing Strategies for Your Health and Fitness Products 2021 - Negosentro

Negosentro| How To Build Successful Social Media Marketing Strategies for Your Health and Fitness Products |Social media is flooded with people just looking for the right products to help meet their goals but getting to them can seem daunting and expensive. It can be difficult to step out from the various health and fitness brands to meet sales goals. Luckily, you can build a lasting and successful strategy for marketing on social media by getting followers involved with the right incentives, building your brand identity and finding tools and influencers.

Brand Identity and Culture

Building yourself as a credible voice in health and fitness means having the brand identity and culture to back it up. Set a genuine tone for your website, logo and social media posts to better engage with your customers and sound more credible. You can look to brands like Unity Health on Facebook for positive examples of how brand identity and culture affect your social media marketing, you can also find negative examples of when brands center a spokesperson who is later involved in scandals.

Platforms and Tools

Each platform has its own layout and tools, with some overlap in features depending on the parent company. This gives you more versatility in how and what you post and cross-promote. For instance, you can make a video highlighting a new product and upload it to YouTube, you can then share the link across your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and the pictures to Pinterest. This will increase the chances of your audience seeing the products as well as help gain ranks on search results. The tools offered by platforms and third-party developers can help you track which posts are doing the best, let you pay to boost posts and even follow popular trends.

Interaction and Content Incentives

Some ways to optimize your posts include employing tools like spelling and grammar checks as well as offering incentives. You can set goals such as engaging with your audience more, posting at least one a day and hitting sales marks, but you can also tell your audience that if you reach a specific number of post likes or video views, then you will do a giveaway. Incentives are a great way to have followers share your content to friends and family, most giveaways will even direct as much traffic as a marketing campaign without costing as much.

Influencers and Haul Videos

Working with influencers, becoming your own influencer and doing haul videos are all excellent ways to engage an audience and showcase products. Be out front with your brand and choose influencers who have common ideals. If you see an influencer making posts about their health and fitness goals, ask to send them a package for a haul video or invite them to collaborate on one of yours. You can even make surprising influencers and fans with products a recurring theme on your own YouTube channel and cross promote these videos on other social media. When the followers of another influencer see your products with their favorite people, they are more likely to check out what you have to offer.

Budgets and Promotions

There are two ways to use social media for marketing, paid and free, and most experts will tell you to use both wherever possible. The way to use these platforms for free marketing is to post organically and engage with others to increase your follower count. For some platforms, the more followers you have, the more access you have to things like including links in your stories and hitting top search results. When used with paid promotions and third-party tools designed to streamline your posts, your organic reach can see increased traffic from paid advertisements as well as organic interactions.

Social media marketing strategies start with building the right brand identity and culture for the products you sell and the type of audience you want to engage. For health and fitness products, this means partnering with an influencer in the industry or becoming one yourself, showing you care about your customers by offering giveaways and tutorials and using the right optimization tools.

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