How to become a popular boss by arranging a workplace flu shot program

How to become a popular boss by arranging a workplace flu shot program
Photo by Mufid Majnun on Unsplash

Negosentro | How to become a popular boss by arranging a workplace flu shot program | The time is soon approaching when you made what turned out to be an excellent decision last year, which galvanised your workforce and saw glowing platitudes heading your way. Unlike the mob up the road who failed to act.

You remembered the days working on the shop floor in production and as you made your way to becoming a manager and eventually an owner of a factory you vowed that you would put your employees first wherever practical. You most certainly appreciate their efforts through those previous experiences.

You sit back with pride having booked a workplace flu shot program for what should see a repeat performance for several great reasons.

  • The year before you arranged your initial programme, production dropped, which it was revealed that it was down absenteeism owing to influenza. That simply wasn’t good enough. Employee hours increased dramatically in the same period the following year.
  • This led to improved productivity as all your staff were in situ and in good health. Because influenza is a highly contagious disease, it can be easily spread, knocking the energy and ability to work for up to two weeks at a time.
  • The attitude and atmosphere around the workplace improved no end, as it was the moment that staff understood that you were on their side and understood them. They were able to attend work and earn money while many friends working elsewhere was sidelined and unable to get on with a normal life, also affecting their family in the household. To try and boost morale further you are looking at introducing 5 devices that make health monitoring straightforward.
  • Working with a healthcare company who would come to your factory to administer the shots was another masterstroke. It saved your staff the inconvenience of having to spend their spare time travelling to go for a vaccination. Data protection was taken seriously and those who came to offer the shots were professional and empathetic to staff needs. 
  • All departments in your business felt the benefit, with the accounts staff knowing that they would not be hit with a shortfall in production and money coming in unlike the previous year that caused upheaval. Orders were met with satisfied customers informing fellow businesses of your reliability while your competitors fell by the wayside.
  • There was no stress and worry throughout your team of employees about the risk of redundancy through a loss of clients, meaning a happy environment which allowed them to make plans and spend money on some tickets to attend events at the local amphitheatre.
  • The costs of the vaccination were covered under your employee health plans, which has proven to be another prudent call. It is a very wise form of insurance. Your staff are also saving money as they are not having to pay for medicines or treatment.

Your smart decision insured yourself and your company against illness and has boosted your standing among staff when you gave the go ahead to a workplace flu shot program, leaving rivals standing.

Photo by Mufid Majnun on Unsplash

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