How to Be Eco-friendly in All aspects of Life

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How to Be Eco-friendly in All aspects of Life | We could all do a little more for the environment, which is why here we’re sharing a few tips on how to be more eco-friendly in all aspects of life. 


The first way to make your home life more eco-friendly is by improving energy efficiency within the home. 

Investing in renewable energy as a primary source for electricity and heating is one way to save yourself a pretty penny while also giving back to the environment. Simple solutions like SunPower Systems can install solar panels on your roof in order to use the natural sunlight to heat up your home. 

Another way to make your home life that little bit better for the environment is to use eco-friendly cleaning products. There are often a bunch of chemicals in our soap powder, dish soap, and cleaning sprays which can be detrimental to the biodiversity of the planet. Switching to products with sustainably grown materials and no synthetic ingredients is just one way to save the bees and encourage the natural ecosystem to thrive. 


There are tiny switches we can all make to live a little eco-friendlier. For example, using a refillable water bottle rather than buying single-use plastic every day can do a world of good. You can find out more about the battle against microplastic pollution in our oceans here. 

Recycling old newspapers or using recyclable paper for wrapping gifts keeps the fun in birthdays and Christmases without harming the planet. As long as you remember to recycle it after use, that is. 

Like cleaning products for the home, shampoos and shower gels often contain synthetic materials that end up washing down the drain and into the oceans, which really makes you rethink what you’re washing your hair with. Eco-friendly shampoos and simple soap bars are a great way to treat your body to non-synthetic alternatives while also reducing the number of single-use plastic bottles you’re using. 


While you’re not in control of how managers run the office, you can control how much of an impact you as an individual can make in the workplace. 

Simple tips like trying to reduce the amount of unnecessary printouts can make a big difference. Rather than printing, think about whether the same message can come across via a digital copy. When you do need to print, try to print on both sides to reduce the number of sheets of paper needing to be used. 

Another way to be more mindful about your energy consumption at work is by encouraging people to use public transport or to offer to carpool with other staff. By traveling together, or via the bus, you can reduce pollution. There are a lot of businesses that offer cycle-to-work schemes, too. 


When traveling, aim to pack light and use recyclable or reusable toiletries. You can also opt for more local holidays rather than flying. Before setting off on your holiday, give away any food from the house that will go out of date during your travels rather than leaving it all to go to waste. 

Although these are just a few ideas for different aspects of life, there are a whole number of ways you can add a more mindful and eco-friendly approach to every day. 

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