How to Be an Efficient Executive Secretary

How to Be an Efficient Executive Secretary
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Negosentro | How to Be an Efficient Executive Secretary | It’s always a good idea to take your job seriously and work to improve your skills as an employee. Not only will it make you more valuable to your employer, but it also puts you in a better position to rise in the ranks in your workplace. Whether you are just starting out your career as an executive secretary or you have been working in administrative roles for years and years, there is always a way that you can be leveling up. Keep reading to see different ways that you can truly stand out as an executive secretary and become even more efficient at your job.

Let Technology Work For You

One of the best ways to truly excel at the office and be as efficient as possible is to let all the different technological assets at your disposal work for you. There are so many different business phone systems or office management applications that make your work life simpler and save you time so you can manage to accomplish more during the day. Programs such as Zoom can save you time by letting you have meetings with different coworkers near and far without having to leave your desk.

Make the most of all the different apps and programs, some of which are free. If you need to keep track of different projects, work conversations can be easily categorized and tracked through the use of Slack. The best way to make sure you have all of your ducks in a row is to keep lists in digital form on a work phone or tablet so that you can always mark off what has been accomplished or add new tasks to the list. Using technology makes it easier to set reminders and alarms so that important deadlines and meetings are never missed.

Prioritize Systems

Even though you will have different technological apps helping you keep track of everything, you still need to set up systematic ways of completing tasks. The best executive secretaries and administrators have specific systems for the way they do their jobs. If there is an area you struggle with staying on top of, that is the best spot to try and create a systematic way of dealing with the task. 

When you develop systems for your different job responsibilities it will help you make sure no step is overlooked. Sometimes the difficulty of the task is completely reduced once a system is created. Just think of a system as a higher way of organizing. Just like you wouldn’t throw all office supplies into one box, you have to create processes and procedures for tasks to keep everything in line.

Anticipate Surprises

It may seem like anticipating surprises wouldn’t strengthen your skills all that much, but simply deciding to be prepared for anything makes a world of difference. No matter how much you plan and organize down to the last detail, something is bound to go wrong or at least not according to plan.

If you are prepared and expecting surprises you won’t be caught off guard when it happens. Not being surprised about surprises allows you to keep a cool head and clear mind to deal with the hiccup and solve any problems. Being able to think quickly on your feet is a valuable skill for any executive secretary to possess.

Focus On the Details

Last but not least, you really want to make sure you are always focusing on the details. The managers and executives you are supporting have to look at the big picture and overarching structure of projects they are overseeing. If you make sure to focus on the fine details then their work becomes easier and more manageable. Develop your eye to perfecting the details and you will soar in your job.


The best executive secretaries are a strong support of those they work for. By following some of these tips you will make yourself indispensable to your employer. You will be efficient with your time and therefore be an incredible asset to your company.

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