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How to Avoid Monday Sickness

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Mary Rae Floresca | Negosentro.com

Avoid dragging yourself from bed during the first day of the week. Screw that Monday sickness feeling and wishing to be Friday again by simply doing necessary habits below.

1. Get enough Zzzz

Many of us stay awake until the wee hours of Saturday morning from the Friday night out, you don’t really need to be a spoiler to your friends, give them a reasonable excuse that you cannot stay up until sunrise. Leave the party at the right time so you can recover with the much needed sleep that lacked during the busy weekdays.

How Monday won't suck anymore, achieving merry monday, how to overcome monday blues, monday blues, morning blues, monday sickness

2. Plan your week on Sunday

Successful really does this, so go ahead, bring out your planner or organizer app on your mobile, set the deadlines you have to meet for the coming week. By doing this, you refrain from forgetting the tasks or meetings you have to attend to. Every thought you remember that you think you need to do for the week, write it down. As William Gibson quoted in The Economist, “The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.”

3. Prepare Sunday night

How Monday won't suck anymore, achieving merry monday, how to overcome monday blues, monday blues, morning blues, monday sickness

Forgetting to bring things to work is one of the effects of Monday sickness. To avoid this, prepare your things the night before. Here’s a hack from a Youtuber Wengie: put everything that you usually need in one place. Say your kitchen counter, place your cellphone, planner, keys on top of each other so before you head out the door, you carry everything once. Preparing ahead saves a lot of time, maybe you can extra comb your hair and apply lipstick than while driving your car. John F. Kennedy quoted, “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” Don’t wait for drastic last minute preparations!

4. Set the Alarm

Not fond of waking up early? Try to set your alarm 15 minutes earlier than the time you usually wake up, next day, 20 minutes earlier then lastly, 30 minutes earlier. Gradually train your body clock that you are set to wake up at that time. Yes, snoozes are important, what if you don’t wake up on the first alarm? We know you won’t place your alarm clock/phone far from you to get up.

5. Be productive

To avoid Monday sickness, you are not excused to just binge-watch Game of Thrones until the evening even it it’s your work-day off. Take advantage of the time that you can do a few chores at home or spend time with your family. In a typical Pinoy’s day-off, Sunday is Family day, especially after church. If you need to check your e-mails, maybe do once you get home, just answer the highly urgent e-mails or work then do the rest on Monday.

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