How Tertiary Education Can Help You Improve Your Life

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Image Source: | How Tertiary Education Can Help You Improve Your Life | Like its predecessors, tertiary education plays a crucial role in the all-round development of an individual. Several studies have been conducted in this regard, and each highlights the myriad of benefits higher education offers to young citizens.

Higher education enhances academic skills, expands knowledge and improves a student’s career prospects drastically. The societal and economic benefits are quite substantial, as educated individuals possess the potential to contribute significantly to the community at large.

Let us probe a bit deeper into the different benefits that tertiary education offers an individual.

  • Students with higher levels of education earn more

Numerous researches show that there is a correlation between higher levels of education and higher earnings for all racial or ethnic groups and all gender groups. 

  • The income gap between high school graduates and college graduates increased significantly over time. 
  • Median earnings of bachelor’s degree recipients working full-time were around $55700 in 2008, which was $21900 more than the median earnings of high school graduates.
  •  A person with just a high school diploma is expected to earn a salary just above the poverty line, for a family of three in the United States.
  • Tertiary education improves job prospects

A proper tertiary education curriculum has the potential to prepare a person for a definitive professional career. 

  • With colleges and universities focusing on developing both critical skills AND knowledge, the value of a higher education degree has gone up considerably.
  •  Employers are always on the lookout for prospects with a broad spectrum of skills and substantial knowledge. 
  • Capable university graduates are offered higher pay and experience better financial stability in the long run. With the right kind of degree and skills, a person can not only secure their future but also further the development of the society.
  • University educated adults are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs

In addition to having a profound impact on a person’s earnings and future, research shows that tertiary education has a positive effect on productivity at the workplace.

  • Recognized degrees and well-rounded tertiary course lead to all-encompassing development and top tier jobs that have a bright future and substantial scope.
  •  Job satisfaction is often quite high as employee enjoy high compensation and numerous rewards. Simply put, tertiary education is essential to securing a great job.
  • Tertiary education correlate to positive health perception and higher civic participation

The more you know, the better you become. A better tertiary education furthers one’s understanding of numerous things under the sun, including health and hygiene. 

  • Studies show that university graduates have lower smoking rates and better perceptions about personal health. 
  • The societal benefits of quality tertiary education are also evident from specific researches, which highlight higher levels of volunteer work and better civic responsibility, amongst other things.
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