How Technology is Changing the Way of Recruiting

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Recruitment is a very common process that is involved in almost all types of businesses. With the development in the technology, the recruitment is also impacted very effectively. The way employers find new candidates has changed and the applicant tracking system as well as the latest AI software help the HR department in managing the massive resumes that are incoming. The technology has influenced the way of recruitment in so many ways. From filtrating the resumes to managing the data of each applicant, the latest technology and software have been a great help for the recruiters as well as applicants. Here are few ways that prove how influential technology is when it comes to recruiting.


By incorporating the technology, the recruiters are successful in finding candidates from various parts of the world. The geographical difference isn’t an issue anymore. These days the companies are conducting online tests, face to face interview via Skype or other video calling options. The candidate from any part of the world can apply for a job anywhere they want if they can work there. It has clearly made it easy for the recruiters to hire the potential and eligible candidates without worrying about the geographical limitations.

Technology Changes the Way Recruiters Process Data

Since old days, data has been an important aspect in recruitment. As the number of applicants increasing every time it has become a little tough for the recruiters to filtrate the resumes of potential applicants. With the latest AI technology and software, it has become easy for the recruiters to process the required data and choose the best candidates from the pile of resumes.

The analytics provided by big data makes it easy for the recruiters to select the right person for job. This data can also be used for streamlining the entire recruitment process. This real time data will help them in analysing the entire process and determine where exactly most of the time as well as resources are spent. The real time insights presented by the software and AI helps the recruiters in so many ways.

Faster Response Times

The automation has made it easy for the recruiters to connect with the candidate as soon as they receive the document. The entire recruiting process will be completed in very less time when compared to the times when recruiting was done without using technology. For each job, there will be some hundreds of applicants and spending response to each and every one of them was difficult. But with latest technology it becomes easier for the recruiters so inform all the candidates about their application status.

Recruiters Will Be Able to Access More Information than that of Provided in Resume

It is an undeniable fact that resumes are a great source to know about the candidates but with the latest technologies available, recruiters will be able to know more about the candidate than the information available on resume. Their social media platforms are a great source to know the characteristics of an employee. The technology has provided recruiters with a perfectly articulated picture of the professional experience and other details of the employees.

Reduction of Bias

Unconscious bias has the ability to cloud the recruitment process of even the most unbiased and fair staff too. There are so many scenarios where this situation has already happened but with the help of HR software, any kind of biased decisions can be eliminated completely. The de-identified resumes will make it easier for the recruiters to evaluate the candidate based on their merit alone. None of the other things are considered in this situation.

The incorporation of technology into the recruitment process has provided both recruiters and candidates with a lot of benefits.

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