How Technology is Advancing To Make Your Life Easier

How Technology is Advancing To Make Your Life Easier

How Technology is Advancing To Make Your Life Easier | Forty percent of the world has access to the internet, and 2.65 billion people have mobile phones. All kinds of services and products are being developed to tap into that vast market. A majority of the products being created are targeted toward individuals to make day-to-day life more manageable. With private app developers and big-name software corporations in the game, advances in technology are happening at a dizzying pace. Some advancements are in new products, and others are enhancements to existing systems.  Here are several areas where technology is changing lives for the better.


Security for both your property and your online transactions is an ever-evolving industry. Today it seems there is an app for everything. Smart homes are dwellings equipped with apps to control most household electronics. Homes fitted with these high-tech systems are in increasing demand. Sophisticated home buyers inquire about the prospective neighborhood and the type of wireless availability when making purchasing decisions. All this attractive technology is an enticement for hackers and others seeking to breach the systems.

Ransomware has become an all-too-common occurrence.  Companies are aware that the general public won’t be on board with something easily penetrated, so businesses pay big money to have the latest security software.  Data encryption has evolved beyond the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) to the updated Transport Layer Security (TLS).  To reduce risk, companies need to be up to date on the latest technologies such as TLS HTTPS. Look for continued advancement in the area of data security to stop these threats


This is the area that has significantly benefited from new technology. Telemedicine, once an obscure concept used mainly in remote areas, has become mainstream. As urban and rural patients become more comfortable navigating home computers and phones, medical providers are enticing them to try telemedicine. Patients can receive an evaluation and diagnosis without going to the clinic and providers often offer the services at a reduced copay.

In addition to telemedicine, robotics is another expanding area in the medical field. Robots used in surgery result in less blood loss, better recovery, and a reduction in infections. In healthcare, look for exciting advances with immersive technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality.


Not long ago, online education was viewed negatively by students, employers, and educators. Technology was inferior and hadn’t yet offered advanced video conferencing for most classes. With the advancement in internet speed and personal computing power, colleges can offer entire degrees online. Online education has expanded beyond colleges into high schools and even grade schools. In the education field, the future is bright. By incorporating the latest technologies such as virtual reality, students can have a more hands-on experience.


Banking has been online for decades, but banking on phones was initially met with hesitance. As security improved, customers felt more protected, and that peace of mind brought mobile banking to the mainstream.

Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, are emerging into the finance market. The public is still cautious, but financial institutions have started to jump on board with these currencies, which alleviates some fear. Not many private investors can afford to have a hack that steals their life savings, so data encryption is critical.


Driving technologies have touched almost everyone’s lives, even for those who don’t own vehicles. Technology for ride-sharing services has changed the way many in the city commute. New safety technologies have made cars safer with lane assist, automatic braking, and hands-free calls for those who own cars. Hybrid and electric vehicles are making solid inroads into a once-resistant consumer base. As technologies improve on these products, demand will rise. In the vehicle market, look for self-driving cars, which are currently being tested, and personal flight vehicles may not be far behind.

Technology is advancing rapidly, and companies are utilizing that technology to create and enhance everyday products.  With all the changes, it’s hard to predict where things will go. However, if there is one thing the past demonstrates, it’s that the future will look way different than the present.