How Live Video Broadcasting Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

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Image Credit : | How Live Video Broadcasting Can Take Your Business to the Next Level | In the past, when a company wanted to bring their product to life, they needed to rely on radio and television commercials. This is a costly strategy, out of reach for many small businesses. Advancing technologies make live streaming accessible to any business with a high definition camera, an internet connection and a social media presence, and offers much more than just bringing a product to life. StreamerStartup can guide you more about it.

It is estimated that 2.65 billion people worldwide used social media in 2018, and that number is expected to increase to 3.1 billion by 2021. More than 40 percent of those people will use social medial to research new brands and products before making any commitments or purchases. Advertising on social media sites alone isn’t enough anymore. You need to make sure your brand stands out, and live streaming videos is an excellent way to do that.

Creating a live video experience

Live streaming videos can accomplish different things. Some may use them strictly for marketing purposes. Other industries, such as health and fitness, might use them to connect with customers, such as live streamed personal training sessions which can be scheduled at the client’s convenience. Another use may be to create a community, such as a virtual wellness community where hosts broadcast  messages on diet and nutrition. 

Emotional connections

Your live streaming should be interactive, fun, and engaging. Video works well to capture emotion and feeling in a way that print ads or websites cannot. Take some time to learn about your current and potential customers. What are their interests, wants and needs? What do they value in life? Try to build your content around the answers to these questions. Another way to make a connection is to engage with your audience during the live videos, answering comments and questions along the way.

Build trustworthiness

Customers buy from brands they know, like and trust. Your videos should work toward building brand trustworthiness. You might want to provide a behind the scenes look at your company by live streaming your manufacturing process, or introducing them to people they are most likely to communicate with when contacting your company. You can also interview employees or management about positive aspects of your company culture, or use videos to provide tutorials on different products.

Make your audience feel special

Live videos can accomplish a VIP feeling by offering incentives to your audience that are available only during the broadcast, such as special discounts and offers on certain products or experiences. If you are making an announcement or introducing a new product, you can give your loyal customers the opportunity to view the video before the general public.

Live streaming videos or Live Video Broadcasting is an excellent marketing tool that is cost-effective. When you encourage your audience to comment, like or share your video you have the potential of reaching well beyond your current customers and building a loyal following. Keep your videos fresh and interesting and continue to engage with your customers to continue to see the benefits of this medium in your business success.

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