How Landlords Can Make Their Properties Wheelchair Accessible

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Negosentro|A great way to make your property more appealing to a broader market is to add features that make it more accessible to people who use wheelchairs. The added value of being able to cater to more potential tenants is a great opportunity for any landlord. Living with a disability can make life difficult at times, so creating a more welcoming space for your tenants is sure to make a fantastic impression. Here are a few ways you can improve your property with more wheelchair accessible features.


Hand rails are an important addition to any property wishing to appeal to a wider market. Installing rails is easy and relatively cheap to do, but it also makes life a lot easier for wheelchair users who may be interested in becoming your tenant. Consult with a professional to make sure that you cover the correct places where a hand rail could be necessary.


Just because your property has stairs, it doesn’t mean it can’t be wheelchair accessible. Steps outside the front or back door can be improved with an accompanying ramp. Indoor stairs between levels of your property can be navigated with stair lifts found at Terry Lifts. These appliances make moving around the property much easier and therefore opens up your chances of catching the attention of a possible tenant.


One place in your property that definitely requires a rethink when it comes to wheelchair accessibility is the bathroom. There needs to be enough space for your tenant to turn and move comfortably within the room. Hand rails are especially important here due to the number of hard surfaces at different heights. These should be installed in the shower, bath and around the toilet. Lower the washbasin and consider installing a wet room with a seat instead of a traditional bath or shower. This will make the property more accessible and more stylish.


Lower kitchen counters and mid-height ovens are excellent for making a kitchen more accessible for wheelchair users. Some kitchen manufacturers create handy shelves for below appliances such as the oven or microwave that make cooking easier and safer.


Narrow doorways can make getting around in a wheelchair much more of a hassle than it has to be. Widen your doorframes to make movement easier for your potential tenants.


Good flooring for making a house more accessible is important, since wheelchairs need a safe surface to travel across. Some attractive and practical options are hardwood, laminate, and tiles.


The layout and floorplan of your property can make movement within a wheelchair either easier or more difficult. This depends on a few factors. Are the hallways too narrow? Are there too many sharp turns and corners? Does the flow of the property make getting from one room to the next a bit of a chore? Consider rethinking your layout and knocking down unnecessary walls. Not only will this help to make your property more wheelchair accessible, but it will also bring in more natural light and make the space feel bigger.

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