How Fume Extraction Systems Can Ensure Your Business Growth?

Install Fume Extraction Systems | How Fume Extraction Systems Can Ensure Your Business Growth? | If you are running a manufacturing plant that generates dust and fumes, then it is your responsibility to clean the air and make the environment healthy for your employees and others residing in the area. Industrial dust and fumes can invite severe diseases and make your workmen sick on a regular interval. An unfavorable working environment can discourage your employees to give their best.

Fume extraction systems are a perfect solution for such problems in various types of industries. Effective extraction systems can protect your employees from inhaling contaminated air and provide them a healthy environment to work. Here, we are going to highlight the importance of installing fume and dust extraction systems at a facility that generate hazardous fume and dust.

Why Your Facility Needs Extraction Systems?

Many manufacturing units use hazardous chemicals to manufacture products. The process of manufacturing generates fumes and dust that are hazardous from health perspective. If a worker works in such an environment without any mask of protection, he or she may soon develop severe respiratory problems.

An employer must provide a favorable working environment to his or her employees. Otherwise, he or she can face legal actions including imprisonment. According to a study, more than 3 million workers across the world are suffering from severe illness due to unfavorable work condition, while more than 13,000 have died for the same during the year 2016/17.

Advantages of Using Fume Extraction Systems

Fume and dust extraction systems will not only give your employees a healthy work environment but also help you to become compliant with the dust and fume extraction regulation. As a businessman, you should not only concentrate on the sale and the quality of your products, but also take care of the health and well being of your employees. Have a look at some of the key benefits you can gain from dust and fume extraction systems.  

  • Clean air
  • Protect health
  • No worries regarding health compensation
  • Reduce the volume of contamination from the floor and the machines
  • Promote a healthy environment
  • Ensure your compliance with law and regulations

Dust and Fumes That Can Turn Hazardous

The dust and fumes generated by your manufacturing facility are released in various forms. The characteristics of dust or fume depend on the nature of chemical or raw materials you are using in the process of manufacturing.   

Hazardous fumes can come from different equipment and machinery. For example, if the process of production requires a lot of welding work, then fumes of welding can create uneasiness among the workers. If you produce oil paint at your facility then, fumes released from the paint and other chemicals can be hazardous for your employees.

Likewise, flour dust, woodwork dust, and construction dust can create problems if employees work in such environment for a prolonged period. Install the dust and fume extraction systems if you want to take preventive measure to protect the health of your employees.

Create a Positive Working Environment

You cannot ask your workers to give their best to increase production until and unless you do not provide them with a healthy and positive work environment. By installing the Dust and fume extraction systems at your manufacturing facility, you will give your workers a healthy environment to breathe.

The improvement in working condition will improve the productivity of your employees. Thus, we can say that a healthy and favorable working environment can ensure the growth of your business.


If you are the owner of a facility that generates hazardous dust and fumes, you should install the dust and fume extraction systems. This will not only improve the working environment but also give you a peace of mind.