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How Dirty Washrooms Impact Our Businesses

Dirty Washrooms

If you’ve ever been into a washroom and wrinkled your nose then you already have an idea of how dirty washrooms can impact your view of a place. But, did you know that at least half of the people visiting an establishment will go to the washroom first to assess the place? This is especially true when visiting restaurants.

Having the right number of toilets for your business is not enough, you need to make sure they are cleaned properly and regularly inspected. Even having a valid cleaning chart on display can help people to have confidence in your washroom.

If you’re not sure about your current washroom then it’s a good idea to give it a complete makeover. Use products from a reputable company such as hygiene services and you’ll know that you’re starting with a clean slate and easy t maintain equipment.

Let’s face it, if you don’t keep your washroom clean it’s going to have several negative impacts in your business:


You’d be surprised at how fast news can travel via word of mouth but that is slow now compared to the internet. One tweet on a well-followed social media page can tell thousands of people in one go. All of those people will think twice before visiting your establishment.

The real issue is that if your washroom is dirty, people will assume the rest of your business is dirty and they won’t want to do business with you. That’s a lot of sales lost.

Loss Of Repeat Business

The customers that do visit will probably need to use your washroom, even if they’re not keen on using pubic ones. If they then discover they are dirty they won’t return to your establishment. Again, you’ll be losing sales, especially repeat ones that can really help to keep your business going in rough times.

Once you’ve lost the customer it can be very difficult to get them back.

Health Issues

Putting the look aside for a moment, you’re probably already aware that washrooms can be home to hundreds of different bacteria. Many people don’t wash their hands properly or leave more mess than they would at home. The result is a risk to the health of you, your employees, and any customers. 

Hygiene issues may stop customers returning but they can also make your staff ill, preventing them from coming to work and costing you money. You’ll need to cover their shift and make sure they’re not holding you responsible, both of which cost money.

That’s alongside losing money as you’re losing customers.

Cleaning Schedule

Having a spotless washroom is a great way to ensure your customers are happy, you have a good reputation, and you get repeat business. In short, a clean washroom can help your bottom line.

But, everyone understands that it’s difficult with so many people coming and going. That’s why you need a cleaning schedule that is displayed inside the washroom and updated regularly. If people see that the inspections are genuine they’ll maintain confidence in your washroom, even if it’s dirty on the odd occasion.

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